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Why Your Airbnb Bookings Are Down and What You Can Do To Fix It

It's not uncommon to see airbnb earnings decrease over the winter months, but this year it seems like bookings have been down for longer than usual. A lot of airbnb hosts are wondering why their airbnb bookings are down and what they can do to fix it! In this post we'll share 11 steps that will help you get back on track and generate more revenue!

1. Create a website for your Airbnb listing.

- Provide your airbnb address and airbnb booking price.

- List the amenities you provide (e.g., wifi, kitchen)

- Include pictures of any interior decorating or outdoor areas in detail to make it more appealing for guests to book with you!

*Note: If you do not have a website to include on airbnb, try creating one using Wordpress or! They're both free & easy to use!

2. Use social media to promote your Airbnb listing- post pictures of the property and talk about what makes it unique and special.

Make sure to mention airbnb in every post!

You can use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising to promote your listing at a lower cost than you would pay on airbnb. This isn't always the most effective form of advertisement for airbnbs though because people generally visit airbnb before booking anything online with an Airbnb host. Try reaching out to bloggers who have written about Airbnbs as they might be willing to share one of their posts with their followers which could lead to more bookings!.

If you want free social media exposure, then do some research into Reddit or Quora and find someone there that has shared interesting articles about airbnb properties like yours so that they will write another.

3. Offer guests discounts on items such as groceries, wine tours, or tickets to events in order to encourage them to stay at your home.

Offer credits to your guests to encourage them to book with you.

Airbnbs can be found in over 191 different countries so try using something that's relevant and exclusive!

For example, an airbnb host from Napa Valley might offer airbnb credit for a wine tour or tickets for concerts at the local winery on their listing page. This specific airbuddy would also highlight what makes this experience so special by saying "Explore our beautiful valley while enjoying some of California's finest wines!"

If you're hosting near Boston - just one hour away from New York City - then airbnb credit could be anything like a discount on food, transportation, and/or accommodation. The point is to incentivize airbnb bookings and make them feel that they're getting a good deal.

5. Send out emails asking past guests if they would like you to send them a referral code so that they can get 10% off their next booking if they book direct through your direct booking website.

If you have a direct-booking website, you can offer previous guests a referral code that will allow them to get a discount on their airbnb bookings. You can also provide this referral code when you're making your airbnb listing so make sure it's clear in the description and visible as well!

6. Update your prices periodically based on supply and demand trends of the area where you live and how much time is left until low season starts (e.g., if there are only 10 days left until low season starts, raise prices)

If you're an airbnb host in an area that is experiencing low-demand then you should lower airbnb prices to make your airbnb listing more appealing.

If you're an airbnb host in a highly desired area, then it might be time for you to raise your prices!

Remember that demand will increase the closer we get to high season. If there are only 50 days left until high-season starts and people can't find any airbnbs near their destination, they'll look at every single listing on airbnb again so it's important that yours is well priced and has enough availability still available!

You don't want anyone looking at other hosts' properties when they could have stayed with you if not for low inventory or price increases like higher rates during peak times of airbnb season.

7. Promote your property on other websites besides airbnb.

Consider listing your property on and VRBO. is a popular airbnb alternative that can be used to make direct bookings with airbnbs in 191 countries, so it's an excellent way for you to get more business if your airbnb listing has low inventory or prices aren't appealing enough. VRBO also provides listings of other properties including homes and condos-for-rent which could be great for those who are looking into traveling around the world!

You might want to look into this because even when airbnb guests are interested in booking hotels instead of airbnbs.

There are many things that you can do to increase your airbnb earnings during low season. You may not know what they all are, but I’m here to help! Join me on my upcoming webinar where we will cover strategies for increasing bookings and optimizing profits during the off-season. Click here to secure your spot now.

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