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What I Learned from Hosting My First Airbnb Guest

As an Airbnb host you might think that running an Airbnb is simple. But there are many things to consider when you're opening up your property for short-term rental: how to keep guests safe, what insurance do I need? What if they trash my house? How will I know who is coming over and who has access to my home? And then there's always the question - am I violating any laws in doing so? The answers may surprise you but after reading this article, hopefully it will help you to make an informed decision.

1. The more you provide for your guest, the better they will like it

Make your house their home! It's important to be upfront with the amenities you provide and what they will need if they stay in your place.

An airbnb host should have a document that outlines all of these items so it is easier for them when guests come over. Be sure not to forget things like: toiletries, towels, linens and an iron or clothes steamer. Make sure there are enough keys on hand for everyone who needs access too! And don't forget about snacks - even just having some crackers around might make someone happy after a long day of travel!

It may seem obvious but we did our homework and found out people LOVE coffee makers at home (especially those single cup ones!).