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6 Straightforward Ways to Increase Your Revenue on Airbnb

As an Airbnb host, it's always important to seek ways to increase revenue. Giving your visitors a better experience and differentiating your listings will help you earn significantly more money on Airbnb.

Without further ado, let us look at these six straightforward ways to increase your revenue on Airbnb:

1) Rent Out Other Extra Spaces

Consider listing any other extra spaces in your home or apartment on Airbnb if you have any. This might apply to your garage, basement, attic, or spare bedroom. Aside from earning some extra money by renting out this space to guests, it could be a fantastic way to meet new people from across the world.

2) Rent Out Extra Parking

Extra parking spaces are convenient, so if you live near a popular tourist area or a stadium, you could list extra parking spaces on Airbnb. Offer parking for cars, RVs, and boats so that your guests can easily park their vehicles in a safe place. This is a solid way to earn some extra cash, as it is something that people are always searching for.

3) Offer Additional Services

As an Airbnb host, you could offer additional services to your guests. This could include laundry services, bike rentals, or even airport shuttle services. These services might be provided for a fee, which would be a wonderful way to increase your income. Providing these services would also be a great way to enhance the guest experience.

4) Invest in a Glamping or Tiny House Site

One way to make extra money through Airbnb is to invest in a glamping or tiny house site. These sites would be perfect for guests who want to relish the outdoors but don't want to rough it in a tent. Given the rising popularity of tiny homes and glamping, this might be a wonderful way to experience the outdoors while still having access to the amenities of home.

5) Try to Be an Airbnb Consultant

If you have experience with Airbnb and are good at it, you could try to be an Airbnb consultant. It could be a smooth way to make money if you are familiar with certain ins and outs of the platform. This would mean assisting customers in listing their properties, offering guidance on how to arrange and decorate their residences, and even managing the property.

6) Host for Other Properties

Consider being a host for other people's properties if you want to earn some extra funds but don't want to advertise your own house on Airbnb. It could involve renting out a space in your home for other Airbnb hosts to use when they have guests. You'll also need to be available to answer any questions they have about the area.


Learning how to make money on Airbnb can be fun and rewarding. If you're not entirely sure where to start, consider these ways to help you get started. Get creative, be thoughtful, and be sure to offer a great experience to your guests.

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