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Tips on Furnishing an Airbnb While Staying on Budget

Many people looking to become Airbnb hosts have a basic question in common: What's the best way to furnish an Airbnb with a limited budget? If you're one of those people, don't worry; you've come to the right place. You're not alone, because how to make your Airbnb stand out and look inviting is crucial to its success.

Basic Airbnb Starter Tips

Before anything else, make sure you've made a final decision as to how much you're actually willing and able to spend. Have a clear figure in mind, and keep it there as you move forward. The last thing you want is for you to end up in debt before your Airbnb has gotten off the ground. Worse yet, you could end up splurging on things that won't have a good ROI (return on investment) or fit the property at all.

Make sure you have a clear picture of the style and aesthetic you're going for. Aimlessly wandering about store aisles or browsing through shopping apps will waste time. Worst of all, you might pick something up that will turn out to be meant for an entirely different vibe.

Read on for some tips on Airbnb furnishing despite being on a budget:

Create a Checklist

Lists are important and very helpful in many facets of life. While they're typically associated with the likes of groceries and chores, it's also great for guidance during Airbnb shopping. Starter items can include:

  • Appliances (kettle, microwave, etc)

  • Artwork

  • Couch

  • Bed frame

  • Kitchen table

  • Lamps and night stand/s

  • Mattress

  • Pillows and linen

  • Television

  • Towels

Explore Facebook

There are a lot of groups where people trade, sell, and buy stuff within certain areas. Use the search function to find items, appending the name of your city and terms like 'trade,’ 'buy and sell', or even 'swap.’ Some groups are public while others are private, but they all have furniture to trade or sell. Aside from that, look into Facebook Marketplace, the section of the platform dedicated to item sales.

Go Looking on Gumtree in Australia or Craigslist in the USA

This may seem surprising, but a lot of perfectly good items wind up on Gumtree/Craigslist for a number of reasons. Mattresses, for example, cost quite the pretty penny to dispose of. What ends up happening is people end up using Gumtree/Craigslist as a means to get it taken off their hands.

There will be many opportunities to get a free mattress, and the only condition is that you should pick it up yourself. That's already quite a lot of savings! Of course, be sure the mattress you get is at the very least in good condition. For sanitation, be sure to put a new mattress protector over it. You can get other furniture there as well, such as couches, nightstands, and even bed frames!


One key concern of budding Airbnb hosts is being able to properly furnish their property on a budget. It's important to have a set budget, of course, and know what you're looking for. Thanks to technology, this is not just a possibility; it's downright convenient to get it done. Go looking on Craigslist, explore Facebook, and create a checklist.

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