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Valuable Tips for Marketing a Family Airbnb Rental This 2022

This year is set to be a big one for family travel. More families are expected to travel following COVID, and the way they travel is changing. If you're a host for family vacation rentals or Airbnb for families, you can look forward to a surge in bookings.

Family travel is a massive part of the tourism industry, with an estimated 376 million trips taken by families annually. Families are increasingly looking for vacation rentals that offer more space and amenities and are booking these rentals further in advance.

Here are essential tips that will help you succeed in marketing a family Airbnb this 2022. Read on!

What to Remember

Parents want what everyone else wants–a good time without a lot of stress. However, as anyone with kids knows, family vacations often cause anxiety levels to skyrocket. This is the problem you must address when marketing your family Airbnb or rental as a great choice for families. Demonstrate to potential guests how your rental or family-friendly Airbnb allows parents to have a much-needed break as well!

Be Accurate in Your Listing

Make sure to list all of the family-friendly amenities your rental property has to offer in your listing description. This will help you stand out from the competition and show potential guests that you have what they are looking for. Be sure to be clear and concise about what you have to offer so there are no surprises later.

Invest in Safety Features

The safety of their children is always a top priority for parents. To help ensure the little ones are safe, it is important to baby-proof homes. This can be done by looking around your property from a child's perspective and identifying any potential hazards. By taking some simple precautions, such as installing electrical socket covers and door locks, you can help create a safe environment for children to explore.

It is crucial to have security measures in place both inside and outside the home, especially if there are areas that could be dangerous for children. Outdoor pools should be fenced in and have a cover when not in use, and hot tubs or water features should be avoided if small children will be present. Families with young children will appreciate things like alarmed doors, nightlights, and barriers or railings on balconies, as well as a secure garden that prevents children from running into the street.

Including potential problems in your description of the property can actually help to assure parents that you have considered their needs. If, for example, there is a pond near the house, letting parents know and explaining how they can keep their children safe can be helpful. This information can help avoid unwelcome surprises or angry calls from parents.

Make Cleaning Up Easy for Parents

Cleaning up after children can be a full-time job, but there are ways to make it easier for parents. Easy-to-clean surfaces, plastic-lined table cloths, and wooden floors can help make parents' lives easier. Storing away valuables and breakables safely and providing plastic cutlery and crockery can also help make your job easier.

Provide Valuable Vacation Information

If you're catering to families with young children, you must provide them with information about kid-friendly activities and restaurants in the area. A welcome book with suggestions can be helpful, as well as a blog post on your website. Be sure to include some options close by and easy to get to, as well as information about public transportation.

Pay Attention to Family-Friendly Amenities

Making your home a place where families can spend time together is all about creating inviting spaces that encourage togetherness. The living room is often the center of the house, and it's vital to ensure it's comfortable and inviting. Creating a warm and welcoming kitchen is also key to fostering togetherness in the home. Both spaces should be designed with family life in mind, with plenty of seating and ample space to move around.

The happier the kids are, the happier the parents will be. Therefore, it's essential to highlight any fun features or amenities your rental property has to offer in your listing. This might include a DVD player and family-friendly DVDs, Netflix or on-demand cable, bicycles, paddle boards, a ping pong table, a splash pad, or some cool board games. Just be sure that all of these things are in good condition.


The family vacation rental market is a large one that is easy and not too expensive to get into. Families go on vacation to spend time together, relax, and not worry about their accommodations. Therefore, adding small touches to your rental will make a big difference to families.

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