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Check This List of Valuable Tips for Every Airbnb Host

We've stayed in many different Airbnbs and seen a wide range of hosts, from great to not so great. Here are some tips if you want to make more money from Airbnb and make your guests happy.

Comply with Local Laws

It is important to check with your local laws and regulations to see if you can host on Airbnb before creating a listing. This is to ensure that you can profit from your property and attract guests following the rules and regulations set by your location.

The ethical implications of Airbnb are very complex. Some people believe it is wrong to rent out entire homes in cities where it is not an accepted practice, as this can cause problems for locals. Others believe that Airbnb provides a valuable service and that its benefits outweigh any ethical concerns.

Be Considerate of Neighbors

It's essential to be good to your neighbors when you're running an Airbnb because they are the ones who have to deal with any problems that might arise from your guests. If you're not good to your neighbors, they may express their frustration to you, your future guests, or even the authorities.

Make sure your guests are aware of any rules that will make your neighbors' lives easier, and be careful about which guests you accept in the first place. Remember that Airbnb is all about building a community, including the people who live nearby.

Protect Your Property

It's always a good idea to check guests out in person to make sure there's no damage to your property. You can also take pictures of the property between each stay to make sure everything is in order.

Give Your Guests Feedback

As an Airbnb host, it's important to review your guests for two reasons. First, it allows you to be honest with your feedback and support the Airbnb community. Second, it reminds your guests to come back and review you! Newer Airbnb hosts rely heavily on reviews, so getting as many is always good. Reviewing your guests is a great way to get another review of your property.

Give Clear Directions

The best way to avoid stressful situations is to have an excellent check-in process. This means being organized, having all the information your guests need, and being available to answer any questions.

When writing your listing details, make sure to be as clear and concise as possible. Include step-by-step instructions on how to get to the property and any other important information guests may need. The more detail orientated you are, the better!

Include Photos in Your Listing

You need good-quality photos if you want your Airbnb listing to succeed. This means having 7-10 photos that show off your property in a positive light. Make sure to include pictures of the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen (if you have one) to give potential guests a complete idea of what your space looks like.

It also helps to include a photo of the exterior of your rental so guests can identify it when they arrive. If you have a great view, don't hesitate to show it! Photos of local attractions that are not related to the property are unnecessary.

Give Relevant Local Information

Including a map of the local area in your Airbnb property is a great way to help your guests explore and find their way around. Your guests will appreciate the effort, and it may even encourage them to come back and visit again.

Establish Communication

We recommend sending one message to your guests about 24 hours after they check in, asking how their stay is going. You can also send a message 24 hours before checkout to confirm their departure time. This way, guests can raise any concerns with the property early on and don't have to worry about coordinating a checkout time with you.


Airbnb hosting can be a great way to earn some extra money, but it's important to do your research and understand the ins and outs before getting started. There are key things to keep in mind, such as ensuring your property is eligible, setting clear expectations with guests, and being prepared for the occasional issue. But overall, Airbnb hosting can be a fun and rewarding experience.

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