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Four Effective Tips to Boost Security in Your Airbnb

Airbnbs have risen in popularity in recent times, with more and more travelers preferring this type of lodging over traditional hotels. More guests mean higher profits for Airbnb owners.

With that said, running an Airbnb is no easy feat. You're essentially acting as a landlord to short-term guests. Moreover, it's never easy letting strangers into your property since mishaps can always happen.

1. Include Lost Keys In Potential Airbnb Fees

Lost keys are a common issue for Airbnb hosts. For example, some guests may lose the keys to their rental, necessitating you to make an emergency trip back to the property.

If that's the case, you're probably now thinking about how you can recover the cost of making a trip back to your Airbnb.

One thing you can do is to include lost keys in your Airbnb fees. It's a small price to pay in the event that it happens. Plus, you can charge your guests a little extra for security purposes.

2. Be Clear about Check-In and Check-Out Details

It's important to be clear about the details of your rental. If you're letting guests into your Airbnb, you'll want to make sure that they understand when they need to arrive and when they need to leave.

The last thing you want to happen is for someone to arrive early and for you to not be able to greet them because you're busy doing something else.

You can discourage such occurrences by having a brief check-in and check-out time so that nobody shows up at an inconvenient time while you're not on the premises.

3. Always Keep Extra Keys to the Property

Having multiple keys to your rental property is one of the best Airbnb tips this guide can offer.

Spare keys can come in handy in several situations, like your guests locking themselves out after leaving the key inside the rental.

If you have a property manager, you can also hand them a spare key while keeping the original. This way, you can have someone come in and check on the property if you can't do so.

4. Task Someone Trustworthy to Hand Keys to Guests

There are moments when you can't oversee check-in, meaning you need someone else to perform the key hand-off in your stead. Since the key hand-off affects the security of your guests and property, you may want to delegate this task to someone trustworthy.

For some Airbnb owners, trustworthy means their property manager. However, if you don't have one, you can task your receptionist, a family member, or a friend to do the deed.

The person who hands off the keys to guests should be familiar with your Airbnb property so they can answer any questions your guests may have.

Final Note

Airbnb owners who want to make money need to provide the best services to their guests. This includes keeping their Airbnb property secure at all times.

If you have people coming in and out of your property, you need to maintain a key system that is easy to use. You also need to let guests know what they should do if they lose their keys.

These are some of the best Airbnb tips you should consider before renting out your property. If you're eager to become a better Airbnb owner, do book a strategy session with us today. BeyondBNB helps Airbnb hosts maximize their profits by providing resources and insights about the business. Book today!

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