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Time and Money-Saving Tips for Every Airbnb Host

Being a short-term rental landlord puts a burden on two precious resources: time and money. You must be resourceful, understand the limitations of managing short-term rentals, and come up with ways to deliver excellent service without jeopardizing the guest experience.

Here are some ideas for Airbnb hosts to save time and money.

Tip: Make Use of a Property Management System

Short-term rental hosts can benefit from online, all-inclusive property management software (PMS). Guesty For Hosts, for example, allows you to communicate with guests right away, manage cleaning chores and timetables, and track finances, among other things.

A PMS will assist you in being a better Airbnb host and increasing your ratings and reviews. Many time-consuming tasks will be automated, freeing you up to attend to other matters.

Tip: Recognize Your Financial Situation

To save money, you must first understand how much you spend each month on short-term rentals. There are several budgeting tools available, but you may want to use a property management system that integrates financial data to speed up the management of your short-term rentals. Financial reporting, for example, enables you to develop and distribute comprehensive financial reports in order to manage all of your financial data in a single location. This data can be used to track expenses and identify wasteful spending.

You can use this tool to track revenue and payments, manage fees, generate reports and invoices for homeowners, and much more. With this information, you may construct a successful and realistic budget for your short-term rental business. You will be less nervous yet still able to make your guests happy and comfortable.

Tip: Review Your Vendors

In the event of a plumbing or electrical emergency, make sure you have at least three different and reliable vendors or contractors to save money.

This can be time-consuming, so compare new and experienced professionals if your project isn't urgent. Prices should be reviewed every six months to a year to keep current. With a little extra research and negotiating, you could save a big sum on your short-term rentals.

Tip: Preserve Your Property

When you're busy and trying to save money, it's tempting to overlook minor maintenance issues, but doing so can lead to major problems if left neglected for too long. Being prepared and planning ahead of time will help you avoid major problems.

This procedure can be sped up and made easier by using property management software. You may plan jobs and add crucial dates to your short-term rental calendar by using a PMS with a cleaning and maintenance checklist and management tool for holiday rentals. Prioritize spring and autumn maintenance to stay ahead of small difficulties.

Remember, failing to manage your short-term rental may result in costly repairs or, worse, vacancy. Consult with your dependable contractors on a proposed maintenance schedule, then add it to your online calendar before moving on to more essential problems.

Tip: Practice Sustainability

If you haven't already, now is the time to evaluate your home's energy through an energy audit. An energy audit saves money and reduces your property's carbon footprint, which is appealing to prospective tenants. To establish the condition of your home, you may either hire an expert or undertake a short inspection. A full self-assessment, on the other hand, will help you discover particular problem areas and prioritize your most important energy efficiency improvements.

To schedule an audit, contact your energy provider, such as your local electric company. If you follow their advice, you should see a reduction in your utility bills. Another advantage of energy-efficient homes is their low cost.


Hosting your own Airbnb could be very profitable, but only if you know exactly how to do things. While this type of business or side hustle could be fun, it is also a big responsibility. Thus, take these time and money-saving tips in mind to become the best Airbnb host on the platform!

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