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The truth about

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I have a love hate relationship with (BDC) as I do with all OTA's and it is a sentiment that seems to be shared by many people who either use the platform or have tried to use it in the past.

We recently released a series of videos that talk about both Airbnb and BDC and we're getting a lot of push back from people who believe some things about BDC fervently in some cases that simply aren't true.

So I decided to put together a list of the most common myths and truths I hear about BDC as well as how to deal with them. It is important to note that are not affiliated with any of the OTA's and do not gain in any way from promoting any one above another. In fact, we encourage people to to be listed on as many of the platforms as they can regardless of their individual flaws and benefits.

Here is a list of the most common myths we hear about BDC: