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Quick Steps to Ensure Your Airbnb Listing Stands Out

As an Airbnb host, making your listing stand out from the competition is crucial. This can be done by highlighting features like proximity to events, quality amenities, listing size, and more. Doing this can draw potential guests and make your Airbnb more attractive than hotels. If you want your Airbnb listing to stand out from the rest, there are a few steps you can take. They include the following:

Use Top-Notch Photos

When creating your Airbnb listing, make sure to include high-quality photos. Consider hiring a professional photographer who is familiar with the art of listing photography. Prepare a list of shots you want taken to ensure all areas and features of your rental space are captured. Have your photographer take shots from various angles to show off your place to its fullest potential.

Take pictures of your space during the daytime when there is plenty of light. Try to keep the area tidy and uncluttered, as having too much furniture, or decor elements can make it look untidy. Put away extra items like blankets, towels, and pillows in the appropriate places.

Your photos don't need to be overly detailed, but they should give a good idea of your listing's layout and the main features. Make sure to include pictures of any extra amenities, such as a nice backyard, parking, and so on, in your essential photos for your Airbnb listing.

Write Accurate Listing Descriptions

When creating your Airbnb listing, make sure to be as accurate and descriptive as possible. Don't exaggerate or embellish the features of your property, as this could lead to disappointment from your guests and possibly leave you having to offer refunds.

However, you should still use creative language to make your listing as attractive as possible and increase your chances of bookings. Be sure to give a detailed description of the local area and include information about key places such as the closest grocery store, restaurants, leisure activities, and parking facilities.

Be Quick to Respond

By responding promptly to messages from guests or people interested in your Airbnb, you can create a positive impression and make their experience more enjoyable. Make sure to treat your Airbnb like a full-time job, and don't let messages go unanswered for long periods. Your quick replies will leave a lasting impression and may even lead to a good review after their stay.

Include Family-Suitable Features

When setting up your Airbnb, it's essential to ensure it's suitable for families. Make sure to provide necessary items like air mattresses, pack n’ plays, and baby gates to make it more family-friendly. Additionally, make sure to have a list of family-friendly attractions and activities near your listing for potential guests. This will help make your Airbnb more attractive to families.

Prepare a Welcome Basket

To truly make your rental unique, consider offering a special gift to your guests. Whatever you choose, it will be sure to make your guests feel special. Inform your Airbnb guests that you are offering them a free welcome gift and they don't need to pay anything for it. Make sure to mention this in your listing and include a written message or tell them when they check in.


Adding thoughtful touches to your Airbnb listing can give it an edge over the competition. Simple improvements such as updating the photos, adding a description of the local area, and ensuring the listing is well-stocked with amenities can help make it stand out. You may also want to consider offering special discounts, providing helpful advice and tips to potential guests, and fostering an inviting atmosphere to make your Airbnb listing unique.

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