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8 Steps to Make Any Airbnb More Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendliness and sustainability are quite important for every person to keep in mind, including Airbnb hosts. Aside from showing guests that you are committed to sustainability and helping them take steps to be kinder to the environment, it can feel good to have a positive impact on the world.

Granted, to make your Airbnb more sustainable is to educate yourself and your guests about sustainability. Connecting with other hosts who have the same goal can be a great step toward this. To get you started, here are some steps that you can take to better your impact on the ecosystem:

1) Introduce Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great way to make your Airbnb more sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only do they add a nice touch to any room, but they also serve a purpose. Plants help to purify the air and make it more breathable. They also help to reduce stress and can boost your mood, which is perfect for Airbnb guests who would want to unwind in your space.

2) Install Low-Flow Water Fixtures

Water is an essential resource, and it’s important to be mindful of how much water we use on a daily basis. One way to do so is to install low-flow water fixtures in your Airbnb. Low-flow showerheads and faucets can help to reduce water usage by up to 50%. This can make a big difference, especially if you have a lot of guests staying at your Airbnb.

3) Invest in Energy-Efficient Lights

Lighting is another important aspect of making your Airbnb more sustainable. Investing in energy-efficient lightbulbs is a great way to reduce your energy consumption. LED bulbs use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and can last much longer. This means that you’ll save money on your energy bills and won’t have to replace your lightbulbs as often.

4) Use High-Quality Linen

One way to make your Airbnb more sustainable is to use high-quality linen. This includes sheets, towels, and other items guests use during their stay. Using high-quality linen means it will last longer and won’t have to be replaced as often. This can reduce the amount of waste that is produced from your Airbnb.

5) Utilize Non-Toxic Toiletries

Many conventional toiletries contain harmful chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. When guests use these products, they can end up in the water supply and cause pollution. To make your Airbnb more sustainable, use non-toxic toiletries that are made with natural ingredients.

6) Put Up a Recycling Bin

Putting up a recycling bin in your Airbnb will encourage guests to recycle any bottles or cans they use during their stay. This can reduce the amount of waste that is produced and sent to landfills.

7) Provide Reusable Bottles

Providing reusable water bottles for guests to use during their stay is a great way to lessen the amount of plastic waste that is produced. Guests can fill up their bottles at the tap and avoid buying single-use plastic bottles of water.

8) Include Bikes on the Premises

If your Airbnb is located in a bike-friendly area, consider including bikes on the premises for guests to use. This can encourage guests to explore the area without having to drive or take public transportation.


In conclusion, if you are looking to make your Airbnb more sustainable and eco-friendly, there are a few key steps you can take. Walk forward, make a positive impact on the environment, and help create a more sustainable future for all.

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