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Reconnecting Travelers with Locals: Airbnb Rooms Is Back!

Airbnb has become synonymous with vacation rentals, providing travelers unique and authentic experiences in over 220 countries and regions worldwide. However, in recent years, the platform has expanded its offerings to include entire homes, apartments, and even boutique hotels. While this diversification has been successful, Airbnb has not forgotten its roots. In its 2023 summer release, Airbnb is returning to its origins by reintroducing Airbnb Rooms.

What Are Airbnb Rooms?

Airbnb Rooms are private rooms within a host's primary residence rented out to travelers. This concept was the foundation for Airbnb when it launched in 2008, allowing travelers to experience local culture and hospitality. However, with the platform's growth, entire homes and apartments became the norm. Still, Airbnb Rooms remained a vital part of the platform, making up approximately 15 percent of all listings.

Why the Shift

Airbnb's decision to refocus on Airbnb Rooms stems from a desire to provide travelers with more personalized and authentic experiences. Travelers can immerse themselves in the local culture by staying with a local host, learning about the area's history, and receiving insider tips on the best restaurants, attractions, and activities.

Also, Airbnb Rooms are more cost-effective than entire homes or apartments, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. With the rise of travel post-pandemic, Airbnb Rooms will provide an affordable option for travelers looking to explore new destinations.

What to Expect from Airbnb Rooms

Airbnb Rooms will be reintroduced as a separate category, making it easier for travelers to search for and book their ideal accommodation. Hosts will be required to live on the property and be present during the guest's stay, ensuring a more personalized and authentic experience.

To ensure the safety and security of both hosts and guests, Airbnb has implemented new features. Hosts will have to complete an in-person verification process to confirm their identity, and Airbnb will offer 24/7 support to handle any issues that may arise.

What Are the Benefits of Airbnb Rooms?

One of the most significant advantages of Airbnb Rooms is the opportunity to connect with locals. Hosts are often eager to share their knowledge of the area and recommend hidden gems that tourists may not be aware of. This insider knowledge can significantly affect the quality of a traveler's experience.

Another benefit of Airbnb Rooms is the cost. As mentioned earlier, Airbnb Rooms are more affordable than entire homes or apartments, making them an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers. Additionally, Airbnb Rooms often include amenities that travelers may not find in a traditional hotel, such as access to a kitchen or laundry facilities.

Airbnb Rooms also offer a more intimate experience. Unlike entire homes or apartments, guests will share common spaces with their hosts, providing an opportunity to connect personally. Hosts may even invite guests for a home-cooked meal or a local event.

What Are the Potential Drawbacks of Airbnb Rooms?

While Airbnb Rooms offer many benefits, there are potential drawbacks to consider. For example, guests may have less privacy and independence than in an entire home or apartment. The host may need access to the guest's room for various reasons, such as cleaning or maintenance.

Additionally, guests may have to share common spaces, such as a bathroom or kitchen, with other guests or the host. This may not be an issue for some travelers, but others prefer more privacy.

Finally, guests may be subject to the host's rules and restrictions. For example, some hosts may have a curfew or not allow guests to bring visitors to the property. It's essential to read the listing carefully and communicate with the host to ensure their expectations align with the guest's needs.


Airbnb's decision to reintroduce Airbnb Rooms is a welcome return to its roots. Travelers can experience local culture and hospitality again, connect with locals, and enjoy a more personalized and authentic experience. While there are potential drawbacks, the benefits of Airbnb Rooms make it an excellent option for budget-conscious travelers looking for an intimate and unique experience. With Airbnb's commitment to safety and security, travelers can book with confidence and enjoy all that Airbnb Rooms have to offer.

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