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6 Reasons to Enable Flexible Cancellation Options on Airbnb

As the world increasingly turns to the sharing economy for travel accommodations, platforms like Airbnb have become popular for travelers looking for an alternative to traditional hotels. However, one of the potential downsides of using Airbnb is that, unlike with hotels, there is often limited flexibility when it comes to canceling reservations.

This can be a problem if your guests' travel plans change unexpectedly or if you have to cancel for some other reason. Fortunately, there are some things that hosts can do to increase your chances of being able to cancel your Airbnb reservation without losing your entire deposit.

For instance, you can enable the flexible cancellation option, which allows guests to cancel their reservations a week to 24 hours before their check-in date. Here are several reasons why you should look into this arrangement:

1) Gives Guests Comfort to Rebook or Cancel

If you have the flexible cancellation option enabled, guests will be more likely to book with you because they know that they can cancel their reservation without losing their entire deposit. This can be especially helpful if your listing is in high demand and you want to increase your overall chances of getting bookings.

2) Provides Impression of Preparedness

If you’re a new Airbnb host, then enabling the flexible cancellation policy is a great way to show your preparedness and give guests an impression that you’re a responsible person. This option can also be helpful if you’re expecting a lot of guests and want to give them the reassurance that their reservations are in good hands.

3) Receive More Last-Minute Bookings for Reasonable Risk

In case you’re okay with taking a little bit of risk, then you can enable the flexible cancellation option and still receive last-minute bookings. This is because guests who are seeking a place to stay on short notice will be more likely to book with you if they know that they can cancel their reservation if their plans fall through.

4) Attain At Least 50% Payout for Late Cancellations

If you would like to receive at least half of the payout for late cancellation, then you can enable the flexible cancellation option for your Airbnb listing. This way, you will be guaranteed to receive at least 50% of the total amount if your guest decides to cancel their reservation with less than 24 hours' notice.

5) Offers Respect to Potential Travel Restrictions

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty regarding travel. In order to accommodate guests who may be hesitant to travel during this time, you can enable the flexible cancellation option on your listing. This way, guests will know that they can cancel their reservation at any time if their travel plans are disrupted or at least reschedule.

6) Helps You Explore Other Airbnb Policies

To learn more about other Airbnb policies, then you can enable the flexible cancellation option on your listing. This way, you can see how this policy works and how it affects your business. Hosts may also find that other policies are more beneficial for their business, so it’s always good to explore all of your options.


Overall, we believe that offering flexible cancellation options on Airbnb is a great way to improve the customer experience. By offering more options and being more transparent about cancellation policies, guests will feel more inclined to book their Airbnb.

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