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4 Practical Ways You Can Make Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out

Working on boosting your Airbnb listing by making it more appealing may seem like a daunting task. This is especially the case during peak season for traveling, or you are near popular tourist destinations. Luckily, there are tried-and-true, practical ways that you may not have considered yet because they are overlooked. These solutions are simple to do and can even help you set up a positive reputation as an Airbnb host. Consider the following ways to enhance your Airbnb listings:

Add home-cooked meals either for free or as an add-on service

Food options are a godsend for most Airbnb boarders because they may be in a foreign land and have to resort to either expensive food or processed meal options. While you don’t have to offer them a taste of home, you can cook simple dishes that are widely eaten across different cultures, like sandwiches and salads.

Also, if you think you cannot afford to give out meals for free, you can choose this as an add-on option to be paid for when necessary. This way, you can also plan the menu in advance for the guests’ convenience. Once you serve the meal, you can even take this as an opportunity to get to know your guests as you dine with them.

Do your own guided tours

Touring may seem like something you aren’t necessarily interested in, especially if you are introverted and aren’t fond of facts and popular attractions. However, this service may just be a welcome addition to your Airbnb listing.

You don’t even have to make it seem too polished like a tour guide business would; you just need to be willing to walk or drive your guests around the area as you tell them stories about your community. You may even be surprised by how many tourist referrals you get simply because of your humble service to your guests!

Have childcare services as a possible add-on service

While many families often like to go on vacation together in a different location, some parents do want to have some time alone for themselves. In the case of business trips, there may also be some immediate work errands, forcing the tending parent to leave their kids unattended. Fortunately, you can come to the rescue by offering childcare services as an add-on. Simply showcase your fondness for children, have some toys ready, and watch the kids until your adult guests come back.

Decorate your boarding area with season-appropriate fixtures

If you have been in this venture for a long time, you may have been recommended by fellow Airbnb hosts to boost your listing by taking high-quality photos of your property. However, that is only one way to do so. You can take it to the next level by decorating the area with seasonal or festival-appropriate decor. In fact, even if there is no special occasion, just spruce up your boarding area with some new decorations. It makes all the difference to your guests as they enjoy their stay.


Doing what you can to know how to make your Airbnb stand out can be challenging, especially when your listing is among stiff competition. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of the practical ways to make your booking preferred by potential guests. Meanwhile, if you feel you have exhausted all means from your end to get the bookings you need, consult with experts like us to help you take your venture to the next level!

Beyond BNB can help you optimize your Airbnb listing to reach more prospective guests. Through our seamless Airbnb differentiation strategy and approach to multiple booking sites, you can find effective ways online to ensure you get the profitable leads you need. Book a free strategy session with us today to get started on your success!

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