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Tips to Keep Additional Airbnb Guests at a Minimum Part 1

If you are an Airbnb host with multiple listings, you may have experienced the challenge of dealing with additional guests. This can be quite a tough headache, as having extra people along with your guests can mess up the Airbnb rental or violate health regulations.

Many hosts may prefer getting only a minimum of Airbnb guests, which is a reasonable arrangement. And luckily, it is possible to do so. For part one of this two-part series, let's prevent additional guests from coming to your Airbnb.

Here are some tips to keep additional guests at a minimum.

1) Set the Maximum Number of Guests

The first course of action to do is to set the maximum number of guests that are allowed to stay in your Airbnb. This will help to ensure that only the people that you want to stay in your Airbnb are the ones that end up staying.