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Most Effective Ways of Improving Your Airbnb SEO Part 1

As an Airbnb host, you want to ensure your listing is as visible as possible to potential guests who are seeking a place to stay in. One way to do this is by improving your Airbnb SEO or search engine optimization.

Several things can be executed to improve your Airbnb SEO. In part one of this article series, we'll cover the most effective ones on how to get started in improving your listing's visibility on the Airbnb platform. Continue reading to learn more.

1) Know What The Search Algorithm Prioritizes

When it comes to SEO, it is important to understand how the search algorithm works. The search algorithm is what decides which listings show up when someone searches for a specific location on Airbnb. In order to improve your Airbnb SEO, you need to understand what the search algorithm is looking for and how it ranks listings.

a. Guest Needs

The first thing the search algorithm looks at is the guest's needs. Airbnb wants to make sure that the guests are able to find a listing that meets their needs. This includes the number of bedrooms, the price range, and the amenities that are offered.

b. Listing Details

Listing details involves different things like the title, the description, the photos, and the reviews. Airbnb wants to ensure that the listing is complete and that it provides the guests with the information they need to decide.

c. Trip Details

The search algorithm also looks at the trip details. This includes things like the dates of the trip, the number of guests, and the location. Airbnb wants to make sure that the guests can find a listing that is available for their trip.

2) Think of the Search Terms of a Guest

Every host wants their property comes up when the guest searches for a specific keyword. The next step after making your listing complete is to think like a guest. What would you type in if you were looking for a listing like yours? This is quite a key step because it will help you to find the right terms and phrases to use in your listing.

3) Always Add in the Location

Make it a point to always add the location to your listing. For example, if you are listing a property in New York City, you want to make sure that your property comes up when a guest searches for “New York City Airbnb.” You also want to make sure that your property comes up when a guest searches for a specific landmark or tourist site that's near you.

4) Utilize High-Quality Photos

Guests are more likely to book a listing that has high-quality photos. Also, make sure to use various pictures to show off different aspects of your listing. For instance, for properties that have a pool, make sure to include a photo of the pool.

5) Personalize Your Airbnb Profile

Every host should always personalize their Airbnb profile for a boost on the platform. Add a profile photo to show yourself and write a short bio. This will help guests feel more comfortable when they are booking your listing. It also increases your SEO on Airbnb.


By following these tips, hosts can improve their chances of appearing in search results and getting more bookings. Look out for part two to know more about how you can improve your Airbnb SEO and get more bookings.

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