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Unique Ways to Improve Your Airbnb Marketing Strategy

Promoting your Airbnb property doesn’t stop with posting high-quality photos on listings and being accessible across multiple platforms. There are various ways to maximize your Airbnb marketing strategy to get more bookings than usual. Here are some unique ways you can try out:

Discussion Boards

Joining vacation rental forums can help you connect with other hosts about various topics related to hosting on Airbnb. This can help you grow your business by learning how to manage it better, and you can also benefit from some word-of-mouth advertising to promote your Airbnb listing.

Influencer Marketing

The more followers someone has on social media, the wider audience will see the more likely their content. You can get much attention if you get journalists and bloggers with a large social media following to write about your product or business. However, this is a risky technique because it can be difficult to control what these influencers say about you.

How do you attract an influencer? Offer them something for free. If you have a lot of good reviews on your Airbnb listing, they will probably take you up on your offer. Being an Airbnb Superhost will also help. So while it’s not exactly free on your end (it’s a pro bono booking), the exposure and added bookings you’ll get will prove this Airbnb marketing strategy’s effectiveness.

Local Tourism Websites

If you want more customers from your local area, make sure you're listed on all the relevant, legitimate tourism websites. This will help you show up in search results when people are looking for things to do in your area.

Personal URL

When creating an Airbnb listing, you'll be given a unique URL that you can share with potential guests. This URL will take them directly to your listing, making it easy for them to find and book your place.

If you want to take this Airbnb marketing strategy to the next level, go to a domain name registrar (like GoDaddy) and buy a domain that points to your Airbnb property. This makes it easier to remember your URL and find your listing. It also blocks the competition since only your property (or properties) are on the website.

Remember these unique ways to market and boost your Airbnb bookings: get help from influencers, join discussion boards for real-time insights, use social media to tell your property’s story, connect with local tourism sites, and give your property its URL. Then sit back and watch the bookings happen!

Social Media Stories

A good Airbnb listing will have a well-written description that tells a story about the property. This helps guests connect with the listing and makes them more likely to want to stay there. Additionally, good photos are essential for an appealing Airbnb listing. Professional or well-taken amateur photos can significantly affect how many people book a particular listing.

You can also use social media to provide images of your listing’s interior and follow up with photographs of businesses in the area. You can use these photographs to build a neighborhood tour.


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