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Important Dos and Don’Ts When You Have a Themed Airbnb

Hosting a themed Airbnb can be a great way to bring in additional income and attract new guests. A themed Airbnb can be anything from a beach getaway to a jungle paradise. No matter what theme you choose, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when hosting a themed Airbnb.

By keeping the following dos and don’ts in mind, you can create a memorable, themed Airbnb experience for your guests. Keep reading below!

Take Advantage of Nature’s Beauty

Making your space reflect its theme can be achieved by incorporating elements that remind you of the natural environment. You can accomplish this by taking into account the ceilings, floors, and furnishings.

Do you want to add an eye-catching feature to your vacation rental? Hiring an artist to create a mural is a great way to make your property unique and attractive to guests. You could either find an artist yourself or look for professional services to give your rental an extra special touch.

Don’t Hesitate to Highlight Specific Spaces

If you can't do the entire house due to cost or time constraints, you should select a few rooms to focus on. This way, you can invest more effort into making those rooms look perfect rather than spreading yourself too thin over the entire home. This approach will make a bigger impact on those who walk into your house.

Consider Homemade Furniture

Creating custom furniture for your rental space does not have to be expensive. You can find ways to craft unique pieces for your space without breaking the bank. Utilize items you already have, repurpose them, and add a personal touch to transform your rental into a unique and stylish area.

You don't need to buy all new furniture to make your home look different. Using DIY methods, you can give your existing furniture a makeover. A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference, and if you have some craft skills, you can use things from the hardware store to create custom additions to make your furniture look even better. Your visitors will definitely appreciate the attention to detail.

Don’t Forget Safety in Selecting Furniture Pieces

If you are making furniture yourself, ensure it is secure and not hazardous to children or animals. This is especially important if you have visitors that have kids or pets. All connections and hardware should be checked for any potential risks, such as loose screws or nails that could cause harm.

Have Fun With Your Imagination

Allow your imagination to run wild when designing the inside of your home. Think of something unique that will add to the atmosphere of the room, like using genuine sea shells if you're going for an ocean theme. Even if it's not something that works, it could still help to create the atmosphere you want. Make sure to share this information in your listing.

Lighting is also a critical factor in setting the atmosphere, particularly when people want to wind down in the evening. To create a comfortable atmosphere, warm yellowish tungsten lights are ideal. To add a bit of an eerie feel, red and blue bulbs can bring out the theme. Make sure to pick the right one to match the desired atmosphere.

Don’t Put Too Much Stuff

Remember that less is more. Don't overwhelm your space with too much decor–it can make it feel cramped and won't add to the atmosphere you're trying to create. To create a successful vacation rental, you must go beyond simply putting up a few posters. You should make sure the design of your rental reflects the effort you have put in. The way your rental looks when guests arrive will impact their decision to book it or not.


Airbnb hosting requires a bit of creativity and an investment of time and effort to make a themed room or house look inviting and appealing to guests. If you are willing to put in the work and make the necessary arrangements, you could have a successful themed Airbnb that brings in more bookings and more revenue.

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