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How to Start Co-Hosting on Airbnb

Starting co-hosting on Airbnb can be a great way to generate extra income. But, before you get started there are some important things that you should know first. In this blog post we will cover: what is co-hosting and how do I become one; what does it mean to manage an Airbnb property and why would someone want to do so; the steps for preparing your Airbnb listing for guests; and the benefits of becoming a successful Airbnb co-host.

What is Co-Hosting and How do I Become One?

Before becoming a co-host, it's important to know what that actually means. Airbnb defines someone who is hosting on behalf of the owner as a "co-host." On Airbnb, hosts are responsible for the process from beginning to end - including staying in contact with the guests upon booking, during their stay and providing them with information on the area. Co-hosts are responsible for being the point of contact from start to finish - including going through check in procedures, scheduling cleaners, providing quality assurance, answering questions about the property or city as needed and staying in touch until they depart.

What Does it Mean to Manage an Airbnb Property and Why Would Someone Want To Do So?