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How to Start Co-Hosting on Airbnb

Starting co-hosting on Airbnb can be a great way to generate extra income. But, before you get started there are some important things that you should know first. In this blog post we will cover: what is co-hosting and how do I become one; what does it mean to manage an Airbnb property and why would someone want to do so; the steps for preparing your Airbnb listing for guests; and the benefits of becoming a successful Airbnb co-host.

What is Co-Hosting and How do I Become One?

Before becoming a co-host, it's important to know what that actually means. Airbnb defines someone who is hosting on behalf of the owner as a "co-host." On Airbnb, hosts are responsible for the process from beginning to end - including staying in contact with the guests upon booking, during their stay and providing them with information on the area. Co-hosts are responsible for being the point of contact from start to finish - including going through check in procedures, scheduling cleaners, providing quality assurance, answering questions about the property or city as needed and staying in touch until they depart.

What Does it Mean to Manage an Airbnb Property and Why Would Someone Want To Do So?

Managing a property might seem like a lot of work, but the truth is that if you're already hosting your own home or apartment on Airbnb, managing another one can be easy. If you enjoy meeting people from all over the world and want to earn some extra income by staying in touch with guests throughout their stay; co-hosting could be perfect for you! When becoming an Airbnb co-host there are lots of benefits - including being able to set your own hours because no two days are ever the same (because this type of gig requires split shifts), access to exclusive rates only available through Airbnb Plus which means even more money added.

How much should you charge?

The cost of co-hosting on Airbnb is not set in stone. It really depends on your hours and how much time you're willing to commit per day, as well as the specific properties you want to manage - some are more expensive than others. But there's a formula for determining costs: you can charge anywhere from 5% to 50% depending on the service you provide.

Generally if you charge 5%, you might only look after the guest communication side. On the other hand if you charge upwards of 30%, you need to offer a complete hands-off service for the owner.

The Steps for Preparing for Guests

As a co-host, you'll have to take complete ownership of the process from beginning to end. Before guests even contact you and request your service, it's important that they know everything about what you offer - including how much time is needed out of their stay in order to be successful as an Airbnb Co-Host. Make sure all information related to pricing, number of people allowed per unit or property (if applicable), amenities available on site and more are included so that there are no surprises once the guest arrives at your place! It might sound like a lot but with right tools and services it can be easy peasy...just make sure not to delay preparing because this will.

If you're looking at getting started... first thing's first... it's important to understand how you can best service your future clients. Here's some free training that will help.

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