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5 Methods to Make Airbnb Listings Stand Out from the Others

In a competitive market like the vacation rental industry, making your Airbnb listing stand out from the others is important. Answer and showcase why potential guests should choose your listing over countless Airbnb listings online.

By taking some extra steps to make your listing more appealing, you can increase your chances of getting booked and improve your overall profitability. Some simple ways to make your listing stand out include:

1) Pick Up Guests from the Airport

If you live near a major airport, offer to pick up guests from the airport when they arrive. Offering such an amenity can be quite a great way to make a good first impression and start their staycation off on the right foot.

Plus, it can be especially helpful if your listing is located in a city with notoriously bad traffic or difficult-to-navigate public transportation. Airbnb hosts who go the extra mile will showcase that they truly care, which could warrant a positive review.

2) Provide a Nice Welcome Package

If you desire to create a great first impression, consider providing a welcome package for your guests. Include items like a guide to your city, a bottle of wine or champagne, a welcome note, a list of nearby attractions, and more.

Something as simple as a basket of fresh fruit from your local grocery store can make a world of difference. Hosts can also include a few items that their guests might need, like toiletries, snacks, or a first-aid kit.

3) Offer Passes to Local Attractions

If you reside in a popular tourist-friendly area, offer free passes to local attractions. Try to purchase passes to museums, art galleries, theme parks, and more. There should be passes at your local visitor’s center, or go to the site directly to order.

Offering passes can prove to be quite a thoughtful gesture that will save your guests money and give them a great experience. Even discounts, coupons, tokens, and the like can be quite helpful to provide.

4) Serve as a Local Guide

If you are willing to be a local guide for your guest, it can make their stay much more enjoyable. It can be as simple as driving and showing them around your city, as well as pointing out the best sights to see.

To take things a step further, just take them to local restaurants, shows, and events. Hosts can even take them on a tour of their city. This can be a fantastic way to know your guest and make them feel at home.

5) Accommodate Families and Groups

If you are able to accommodate families and groups, it can be a great way to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Plus, families and groups often need more space and are willing to pay a higher rate.

Hosts can also offer them additional services, such as laundry and cleaning, to make their stay even more comfortable. This can be an additional way to make some extra money and meet new people.


By taking the time to make your listing stand out, you'll be more likely to attract guests and earn a higher income. Take the steps above to make your Airbnb come across as more unique and enticing.

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