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How to Deal With Discount Requests as an Airbnb Host

One of the common concerns of guests is the PRICE of your Airbnb listing.

Sometimes, guests really like your property, but they are short on budget so they tend to ask for discounts. However, you cannot afford to say yes because you will not gain or recover anything from your investments.

If you don’t like to sound rude about saying no, here are some practical ways to respond when your potential guest asks for a discount.

1. Highlight Your Unique Selling Point

Turning down a discount may be hard, but try to divert their focus on why you offer such a price. You can do this by highlighting what they can get from your property to justify the value of your offer. Sometimes, some guests would compare your bid with other Airbnb properties. Convince them that you provide better service and value compared to what they saw. This strategy will also serve as your opportunity to build your reputation as a property that offers higher quality service, is located in a prime spot, and has awesome features and amenities.

2. Add Some Perks or Freebies

If you can’t grant their request but don’t want to sound like you’re actually turning it down, increase the value of the deal instead. E.g. a free ‘welcome’ basket, coupons to surrounding restaurants, a free bottle of wine etc.In this way, your guests will feel that the price is worth it because you have added some perks or freebies.

Like the examples listed above, you don’t have to spend a lot to get these same results. A bottle of wine can cost you $10-15, a welcome basket $10-$20, and you can go to the surrounding restaurants in your area, explain that you have an Airbnb, and you would love to bring your guests to their establishment. A 10% discount will be more than enough.

These are just a few ideas to get you started, but get creative!

The result: you can still maintain your price while making it more attractive for your client.

3. Know Why Your Pricing Is an Issue

As an owner, you also need to consider what your guests think about your pricing to adjust or improve future deals. In the meantime, check if their issue is reasonable before you agree or turn it down. Asking them will uncover the things you should improve on the property and gain an edge over your competitors. Perhaps you can ask them what sort of additional amenities your property needs to have for them to agree to paying a premium.

4. Accept the Deal but With Something in Return

There’s no harm in giving discounts sometimes because it can almost guarantee a good review and even help you gain guests that will keep coming back. However, make sure that you can still gain something in return. Negotiate your terms and conditions before you accept the request to avoid being in a losing situation.

5. Consider the Discount They’re Looking For

It’s naturally safe to ask how much is a good discount for them so you would know if you can grant it or not. If you are open to offering a discount, be wise to know if the guest’s deal is manageable. If not, explain why you refuse to accept the request, but make sure you are doing it in a polite way.

6. State Reasons Why You’re Not Offering Discounts

This way is the most challenging response since clients may take it negatively and affect your reviews. However, if the discount is not really acceptable, explain why you don’t take such an offer and make them understand that they will not regret the price they paid for. Offer them your best strength so you can maintain having a good image despite turning down their discount request.

Whatever your response be, the most important thing to remember is to be kind and approachable. As a host, it’s your responsibility to make your guests feel they are valued and welcomed.

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