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How the Typical Airbnb Guest Navigates Vacation Rentals

As a host, one of the best ways to improve your Airbnb listing and services is by understanding how a guest navigates vacation rental websites. By knowing how somebody navigates these sites, you can elevate and make your listing much more likely to be booked to the average guest looking for and narrowing down their destinations.

Continue reading to take a look at the typical Airbnb booking journey.

1) Filter Search Results

The first step in the typical Airbnb navigation is to filter their search results. Here, a guest will sort through the available listings and find the ones that work best for them. To do this, they are going to be looking at several different factors. Be sure to enter your listings in their appropriate category to have your listing visible.

2) Read Property Descriptions

The next step is to read the property descriptions. This is a key step in the Airbnb navigation as this is when a guest is going to learn all of the key details of a listing, including if there is WiFi, how much daily parking fees will be, how many people can stay, and so on. Hosts should be as descriptive as possible with each relevant detail.

3) Look at Age and Pet Rules

Guests usually look at any age or pet restrictions required to stay on a property. This is quite important to be aware of because it doesn't make sense to book a listing if you won't be able to stay there. Try to specify what the age requirements are for your rental, as well as whether pets are allowed or not.

4) Check All the Photos

Checking the photos is a very important step for guests because this is when they get to inspect the property. They have the freedom to look at the full-sized pictures and see if the property matches their expectations. It's very important to take high-quality images of your property and make sure they are of the highest quality.

5) View Policies and Pricing

Guests review all of the property policies and pricing of the places they’re considering. It's very important to be truthful in the amount you are charging a guest, so that's why it's important to clearly specify the final pricing and all of the fees. You can also give discounts or incentives to people who book a longer stay.

6) Look at Listing Reviews

Lastly, guests will look at the listing reviews of past guests. This is one of the most important steps of the Airbnb navigation process. This is when they see if previous people who have stayed at the property experienced any notable joys or issues with the property. Hosts should ask their guests to leave a review on your listing.

7) Send Questions to the Owner

In the final step of their Airbnb navigation, guests will send the owner questions about the listing and the property. This is a critical step for ensuring that your guests feel comfortable booking your property because they feel like they can ask you any questions they might have. Always keep your communication lines open.


Overall, these are the important steps a guest takes to look for a property on Airbnb, and you can learn from them to improve your own listing. Be sure to pay attention and execute these steps to make your Airbnb listing more successful. offers Airbnb host tips. If you're looking to learn more about how to maximize your Airbnb's earnings, click the link to be at our next free training event, where we’ll go into detail on how we've helped hosts increase their earnings by up to 389%. Join us today!

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