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How to Approach Hosting Your Airbnb Guests Long-Term

So you're thinking about hosting your Airbnb guests long-term? Whether you're looking to stabilize your income or just want to offer your guests a more comfortable stay, there are a few things you should keep in mind, though.

Keep in mind that hosting your Airbnb guests long-term is a bit different than a weekend stay. Ensure you communicate with your guests about what to expect during their stay and that you provide excellent service throughout their time in your Airbnb. If you need tips for hosting, getting some training would be ideal.

Here are some fantastic tips on how to approach hosting your Airbnb guests long-term:

1) Offer Price Discounts for Long-Term Bookings

Price is always a big factor in bookings, so offering discounts for those who book longer stays is a great way to encourage guests to choose your listing. You can provide a percentage off the nightly rate or a fixed discount for stays of a certain length of time. Your discount should be in line with your usual rates and doesn’t leave you out of pocket.

2) Make Your Property More Long-Term Friendly

It’s also a fantastic idea to make your property more appealing to those looking for long-term stays. This might mean adding some home comforts like a coffee machine or providing basic kitchen essentials and amenities. Certain entertainment systems can also help guests avoid getting bored at a property.

3) Provide Good Cleaning Products

Any Airbnb property should always be clean for guests, and you should provide good quality cleaning products to help them keep it that way during the course of their long-term stay. This includes things like dish soap, laundry detergent, and all-purpose cleaners. Consider providing a vacuum cleaner and mop for guests to use.

4) Keep Your Calendar Updated

One important thing to do for your Airbnb property is to keep your calendar updated. This way, guests will know exactly when your property is available and when it isn’t. You should also include any special instructions or notes about the property in your calendar so that guests are fully informed before they book.

5) Ensure Good Privacy

Privacy is of utmost importance when it comes to Airbnb listings, and even more so for long-term stays. Be sure that your property includes enough privacy for guests to feel comfortable. This may include private entrances, security cameras, or even basic additions to the property like curtain blinds.

6) Set and Discuss Appropriate House Rules

Discuss your house rules with potential long-term guests as they finalize the booking. This will ensure that there are minimal to zero surprises when it comes to the expectations of both parties. It is also quite important to clarify what is and is not included in the rental price. For example, you may want to charge extra for laundry or cleaning services.


To sum things up, it's best to offer a comfortable stay if you're looking to host your Airbnb guests long-term. Keep things transparent as you provide the amenities and services they need to let the rental feel like home for a little while.

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