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Hosting an Airbnb Experience and Making Money from It Part 2

Making money from hosting an Airbnb experience can be an ideal way to earn some extra income. If you didn't know, Airbnb Experiences are unique, local activities led by hosts who are passionate about their communities and neighborhoods. Airbnb guests can book experiences to immerse themselves in the local culture of their destination.

As an Experience host, you can earn money by sharing your interests and hobbies with guests from all over the world. During part one, we touched on understanding the basics of Airbnb hosting, including creating a profile, listing your experience, and setting your price. Here in part two, let's tackle different possibilities of what kind of Airbnb experience you want to offer.

After all, as implied, the type of experience you want to bring to your future Airbnb guests should be given some thought and serious consideration. Here are some sample suggestions: