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Hacks on How to Host Guests in Your Airbnb without a Kitchen

New Airbnb hosts often wonder if they can get away with not having a dedicated kitchen space. While having a kitchen is definitely a plus, it's not essential. You can still host guests without one.

Not all guests are booking Airbnb to stay over for a long time. If the space is strategically located nearby affordable food and drink joint, cooking and food preparation will be the last thing your Airbnb guests will worry about.

If you can't provide a full kitchen experience for your guests, you might worry about how to market your Airbnb. However, there are still some hacks you can use to let them have a taste of home. Below are the top three tips and ideas on hosting an Airbnb with no kitchen.

Invest in Small Must-Have Kitchen Appliances

If your rental property doesn't have a full kitchen for guests, it's probably best suited for small groups like couples, two or three friends, or solo travelers. You can give your guests a similar experience by providing small appliances for the essentials.

These appliances include a coffee maker, electric kettle, blender, French press, small microwave, toaster, mini-fridge, tabletop double burner hot plate, small pots, and a pan. This way, they can make coffee or tea, blend fruits, or fry an egg.

Additionally, ensure that you have classic utensils that are hard to break, such as spatulas, spoons, whisks, serving spoons, knives, cutting boards, and bowls.

Maximize Small Space with Architectural Designs

By planning and designing carefully, you can turn any small space into a kitchenette with everything you need to prepare and cook food. You can try out different design ideas to make the most of the space and fit a kitchenette.

There's always a good use for even the smallest amount of space in your Airbnb, whether it's for a mini-fridge under a bar sink or a cornered work table behind a door. If you have a space between the bedroom and living room, or a corridor leading from the main entrance to the living room, you can play with several architectural design ideas.

Create an Attractive Kitchen with Interior Designs

A small kitchen doesn't have to be cluttered and unappealing. You can create an attractive and functional kitchenette with a suitable layout and decor. The choice of paint, wall hangings, cabinet designs, shelves, and appliances will depend on the rest of the room.

One way for guests to not notice the small size of your kitchenette is to make the space warm, inviting, and inspiring. There are endless ways to personalize your kitchen, from wooden boards and beautiful antique utensils to handmade floor mats.

Appliances that are a similar color to your cabinets will help give your kitchen a more cohesive look. For example, a stainless steel electric kettle or coffee maker will go well with beige cabinets or worktops. This black Cuisinart coffee maker is compact and will complement most kitchen color schemes. Plus, it has a four-cup capacity.


The longevity of a guest's stay dictates the supplies they need. Guests who plan to stay for an extended period will probably choose a rental with a kitchen. On the contrary, a guest looking for a short-term rental may not need a kitchen, or if they do, it's for simple meal preparations.

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