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Great Airbnb Upsells That Guests Will Not Mind Paying For

Airbnb is a popular online marketplace that allows people to list, discover, and book unique travel experiences around the world. One of the company's key features is its upsells, which enable hosts to offer guests additional services and amenities during their stay.

Some of the most popular upsells on Airbnb include laundry service, grocery delivery, and airport transfers. These add-ons can make a guest's stay much more comfortable and convenient and help hosts boost their earnings.

While some guests may be happy to pay a little extra for these services, others may not be aware that they exist. Hosts should make sure to clearly list all of the upsells they offer on their Airbnb profile so that guests can make an informed decision about whether or not to book with them.

Keep reading and learn some great upsell ideas that can