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How You Can Get More Bookings via Airbnb Optimization

Getting your rental business up and running takes a lot of effort. You ensure the rental property is furnished and decorated nicely, your listings are set up on various online travel agencies (OTAs), and you just wait patiently for the first bookings to come in. And while you are excited for what's to come, getting a healthy volume of guest bookings takes time. You’ll need to find the right pricing, presentation, and placement balance. Here are ways you can get more bookings via Airbnb optimization:

Review Your Pricing Strategy

Pricing your short-term rental can be tricky. You want to ensure you cover your costs, stay competitive, and make a profit. Some experts recommend pricing the property 25 percent below its actual valuation to be attractive, especially if it’s a new listing. Slowly increase the price by around 5 percent once the good reviews come in.