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Functions Airbnb Hosts Must Be Aware Of This Summer Part 2

Airbnb has released various changes this summer of 2022, which each host is recommended to know and keep in mind. These rules and all changes have been released to ensure that both guests and hosts have a wonderful experience.

Why should every host be aware of these new functions or terms? Airbnb hosts can get many new guests, and they can find new ways of getting better income as a host. In addition to that, having a clearer picture ensures that you can prevent guests from abusing your abilities.

Plus, each change has something to do with the host. As discussed in the previous article, Airbnb Categories, Split Stays, and AirCover all affect the host in various ways. Here are several other changes that Airbnb hosts should be aware of during this quarter:

Airbnb Refund Policy Shifts

Airbnb has recently released a significant change in their refund policy which will affect many hosts. Essentially, an Airbnb host may be required to refund a guest when the platform is reimbursing costs or finding different accommodation for that very guest.