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Crucial Factors That Impact Your Airbnb Search Ranking

As an Airbnb host, it's vital to understand there is a direct relationship between the number of bookings you receive and how high your listing appears in Airbnb's search tool. The higher your listing is, the more people will see it and book your property. But how can you increase your position on that list? In today's article, we'll explore key factors that affect your Airbnb search ranking and share useful tips for improving them.

Inclusions and Book Features

The amenities filter allows users to select the amenities they prefer, which will delete all the other listings from their page. There are also three booking features that the guest may select the same way: instant booking, self-check-in, and free cancellation. Do mention those inclusions in your description, so it attracts the right customers.


While keywords may not directly impact your ranking, they are still important to consider when creating your campaign since they will help you target the right audience. Naming your listing with the right keywords can help you get more traffic from Google and other search engines, especially if potential customers look for bookings there instead of house and lodging websites.

Location, Availability, and Size

After the guests select these three factors, Airbnb’s search engine narrows down the list of available properties that match the guests’ needs. Thus, your unit must have this general information listed to pass the first round of selections. At the very least, you’ll have an Airbnb search ranking that fulfills these most basic criteria.

Price, Type, Rooms

The user can use the built-in filter tool to find a more specific property. This will also filter out many listings and may change their ranking. The first filter is the price. Users can set a range they are comfortable with and delete all the others from the search results. Customers who don’t have time to waste immediately look for price, type, and rooms to get a good look at specific options, especially if they’re on a budget.

Suppose you want to improve your Airbnb search ranking, especially in price. In that case, we suggest pricing your unit (especially if it’s new) 25 percent below its actual valuation so it becomes more competitive in more discerning guest queries.


Responding quickly to your guests to improve your position on the search results page is important. The response time metric tracks the average time you need to respond to a guest. The response rate represents the percentage of your responses made within 24 hours.


Reviews aim to ensure users have a positive experience and show how popular and well-liked your property is. However, don’t ignore customer testimonials. A higher number of reviews and a higher percentage of positive reviews will mean your property is placed higher on the search results page.

Special Listings

Listings that are considered SuperHost, Airbnb Plus, or Airbnb Luxe are usually given priority in the results. This means that these listings are more likely to appear at the top of your search results. In addition, these listings also have special marks on their listing previews that help to promote them even further.


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