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Why Custom Websites are a No-Brainer for Airbnb Hosts

While Airbnb provides limitless opportunities for your property to be seen by millions of people worldwide each day. However, it invariably places you against your local or city's direct competitors.

That is why, in addition to becoming an Airbnb host, vacation rental owners should carefully consider their complete Airbnb marketing plan. It's a good idea to have an Airbnb host webpage.

Yes, you may experiment with Airbnb SEO and personalization. But you're still limited to Airbnb when there are so many opportunities for the taking.

Airbnb is an excellent avenue for acquiring bookings. However, it does not have to be the "be-all and end-all" of your company. Having your own Airbnb host website lets you handle your vacation rental your way - with your regulations, not anybody else's.