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Adding Creative Sleeping Arrangements to Your Airbnb

Airbnbs are becoming more popular nowadays for various reasons, and customers are always on the lookout for properties with the best and most comfortable amenities to enjoy their stay. So, if you're thinking of renting your extra room to guests on Airbnb, think about creative sleeping arrangements. It will boost your booking potential, and you will most likely earn more money.

This Airbnb hosting guide will list some innovative sleeping configurations you may use at your Airbnb.

Twin Murphy Beds That Can Be Tucked Away

Twin Murphy beds are a unique and interesting sleeping option. Instead of the traditional Murphy bed, go for one that slides horizontally into the wall. When unfolded, they resemble bunk beds, but when not in use, they may be tucked away neatly.

With Murphy beds, you can give your visitors a comfortable night's sleep while saving room when they're not in use.

Sleeper Sofas for Comfort and Space-Saving

Instead of having a reading table or an armchair, large master suites can house a sleeper sofa. The sleeper sofa should be comfy and large enough for an adult to sleep on. It can, however, accommodate youngsters traveling with their parents.

Depending on their size, you might also use sleeping sofas around the house to accommodate huge gatherings at your Airbnb.

Chair Beds That Can Fit Nearly Anywhere

Chair beds, similar to couch beds in concept, are convenient and may blend in with your Airbnb's interior style. Furthermore, it is simply mobile in the living room and may accommodate many chair beds.

Air Mattresses That Can Be Deflated and Stored Easily

An air mattress on the floor, which is simple to set up and maintain, is a great way to accommodate additional people. The bed can be put up in minutes on the floor. Air mattresses provide a greater sleeping area and may be deflated and stored throughout the day.

Bunk Beds for Multiple People

Bunk beds are perfect for accommodating numerous people and maximizing the space in a room. To prevent guests from falling out of the top bunk, look for strong choices with rails. If you cater to families, bunk beds or numerous bunk beds allow you to accommodate more people, and you may have a better chance of getting more reservations with more beds.

Tents for a Fun Accommodation

Having air mattresses in tents in the backyard is a unique sleeping setup. Children can sleep in tents or with adults. Regarding children, tents require parental authorization, and safety from wild animals is vital.

It would be best if you also supplied lighting and other amenities, such as a portable TV, for the convenience of your visitors. To guarantee a good night's sleep, you may want to provide sleeping bags and other supplies for visitors to bring into the tents.


Airbnbs are a great way to make money, as long as you take some time for a bit of Airbnb optimization. Airbnb's hosts consistently list their sleeping arrangements, and guests love the idea of being able to share a bed or enjoy some space alone.

You can get more customers and maximize your profits by utilizing the creative sleeping solutions mentioned above.

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