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What Is a Corporate Lease and What Are Its Advantages_

A corporate lease will have its risks. However, Airbnb does its best to allow flexibility for those who are interested. In addition to this, Airbnb continues to grow as more and more people use it. So, the question is whether a corporate lease is ideal or not.

What Is Corporate Leasing?

Corporate leasing is also known as subletting or subleasing. This business model is when someone rents a property for a long term from someone but is allowed to also rent out the said property to other vacationers for much shorter terms.

For example, Person A rents a condominium unit from Person B. They enter into an agreement where corporate leasing is allowed. Person A then posts the unit for rent on platforms like Airbnb and rents it out for shorter terms to vacationers. These vacationers would then rent it out for as short as a day, to even as long as a month.