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What to Consider for Your Airbnb Checkout Protocol

As an Airbnb host, it’s critical to set up and offer appropriate checkout instructions. After all, guests need to know what to expect at the end of their stay. Because your guests are usually on vacation, make sure your checkout procedure is clear and easy to understand.

Checkout regulations must benefit both you and your guests. It's all about finding a happy medium between simplifying your job and simplifying your guests' vacations. Read on to discover some important things to consider for your Airbnb checkout protocol!

Remind Guests to Leave the Property in a Clean and Sanitary Manner

This greatly simplifies both your and your housecleaner's tasks. To avoid confusion, leave clear checkout instructions. The checkout policy should be "leave it in better shape than you found it."

The idea is to create confidence in your guests' capacity to clean up after themselves. Consider how much you charge for cleaning and whether the services you want from your visitors are equal.

Maintain a High Quality of Client Service

Included check-out instructions show your visitors that you care about their stay and their vacation rental house. It demonstrates your commitment to keeping your home clean and sets the tone for your entertaining style. Clear checkout instructions help to preserve your property and attract new clients.

The Airbnb Checkout Instructions

In your Airbnb checkout process, mention the checkout time, any additional tasks, reminders, and crucial handoff instructions. Essentially, everything the guests must do before leaving, such as:

The Checkout Time

Outline the Airbnb checkout process to guarantee that visitors do not remain longer than the time allocated. Setting a check-out time allows your housekeeper to clean up before your next visitors arrive (explain this to your guests). This is especially important if you have a lot of bookings.

A late checkout fee may be appropriate if you are concerned about your checkout time being respected. This would be detailed in the home rules and checkout procedures of your Airbnb.

HVAC Appliances and Lighting

Remind visitors to turn off all lights and electrical equipment, including the television. Alternatively, you may want to notify guests that particular devices need to be charged (like an electric golf cart, video game consoles, etc.).

Windows and Entry Points

Even while closing and locking all windows and doors before leaving a home seems obvious, it is worth emphasizing. It's quite easy to forget! Remind visitors to lock all windows and doors, especially those in lofts and on patios.

Similarly, building ties with your neighbours may offer you an extra set of eyes on your property. They can notify you if a guest leaves a window open or if they observe something unusual on the property before you come to check.


The cleaning fee determines whether or not you ask your guests to take care of their beds. Having to pay a big cleaning cost and handle their own linens can irritate guests. However, if your cleaning expenditures are low, it is acceptable.

Guests are frequently asked to leave soiled towels on the bathroom floor or tub to be cleaned. This is fine as long as the housekeeper shows up that day. If you do not contact a house cleaner right once, the towels will become mouldy and will damage your bathroom floor. Instruct guests to do whatever is necessary to fit the timetable of your cleaning service.

Food and Garbage Disposal

Avoid awful experiences by requesting that guests dispose of their food and garbage. This includes food, drinks, condiments, and more.

The Keys

If guests are obliged to leave keys in a lockbox, a local coffee shop, or with a team member, make sure they are informed.

Many hosts now use digital locks for the same purpose. A tangible key, on the other hand, can easily become a source of concern. Make your decision clear and be open to inquiries.


There are several simple ways to communicate Airbnb checkout instructions. You should use a variety of methods to ensure that the instructions are understood by the guests. This way, it’s clear to your guests that you know how to communicate with them. This might even land you the best reviews!

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