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How to Boost Your Airbnb Reservations during Off-Season

At any time of the year, figuring out how to increase Airbnb bookings on your property might be challenging. It can be particularly challenging to keep your property booked during the off-season. The most desirable residences are in high demand both in the summer and winter.

Get Airbnb Bookings throughout All Seasons

The best approach for any person and property requires some trial and error to master; there is no secret recipe to increasing Airbnb bookings. Regardless of the final formula, you determine to be effective, low-season might be a particularly challenging time for your property listing.

In order to stand out and promote regular booking rates, drastically reducing your rates during the low season is crucial.

Below are some key suggestions you may apply right away to your Airbnb reservation.

Boost Discounts by Percentage

To remain competitive during the off-season, consider your competition and raise percentage discounts accordingly; refine searches like a guest might by area, number of beds, and price range and outperform it by 5 percent.

For example, changing weekly and monthly discounts is particularly effective in boosting low-season bookings.

Offer Friends Exclusive Discounts

A week after a visitor stays at your property, send them an email offering a deal for relatives and friends—provided they mention you by name or apply a given discount code.

This will promote more reservations, and you can even get creative by limiting the offer to bookings of four or more days or within the next several months.

Enhance Your Listing Title

Choosing the most fitting and engaging Airbnb title is one of the most important components of your home listing. By including “discount” or “low-season special,” you can make it more attention-grabbing during the low season.

At the very least, including these in your title will persuade potential visitors to click on your posting, and the remainder of your property listing can take over from there.

Play with the Availability on Your Calendar

You may beat out the competition by getting your property on the map before the low-season slowdown by altering your calendar’s availability. Think of those organizing a wedding, music festival, or another significant event that must be arranged a year in advance.

Adjusting when potential guests can make reservations will make you less stressed when the real low season arrives.

Get Rid of the “Extra Person” Fee

During peak season, additional guests in your home or room fees are not unreasonable. This might determine whether someone books a night at your resort during the off-season.

In order to boost booking rates during the off-season, remove this additional cost. However, it is a good idea to charge extra if more than three or four people crash there because it will reduce the likelihood that your property will get overcrowded and damaged as a result.

Lower Your Required Minimum Number of Nights

In order to fill some of the extra days during the high season, it is a good idea to have a two-night minimum stay. However, you might want to explore a one-night minimum stay during the low season.


These techniques will help you stay booked when you use Airbnb during the off-season. The findings come quickly and clearly, and the method is inexpensive and uncomplicated.

You always have opportunities to improve, even if you have been an Airbnb host or property manager for a while.

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