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Boost Your Airbnb Optimization with These Tips — Part Two

Ready to boost your Airbnb optimization and income? We’ve outlined a few more tips on accomplishing those in part two of our series!

Optimize Your Listing with Only Relevant Information

To increase your Airbnb occupancy rate, you need to create listings to win guests. You should have accurate information on your listing and an attractive photo. You should constantly update your listing as soon as you purchase any new items for your home or perform maintenance on it.

You can also boost your Airbnb optimization by tweaking your listing to match what people are looking for according to the season. Upload new photos of your garden in bloom or your rental during the winter when it’s cold outside. Don’t forget to repost these photos regularly to keep them fresh.

Reply to Guests Swiftly

When you respond to a guest’s reservation request, you can make or break the booking. In fact, before making a booking, travelers typically consider eight properties and inquire about five before they reach out to you. It doesn’t surprise us that when hosts respond promptly, guests book them.

It may seem like cake to you, but it’s not always possible to get back to a guest as soon as you get their message. Luckily for you, some tools handle these messages.

Emphasize the ‘Instant Book’ Button

If you have not previously enabled Instant Book for your listing, now is the time to do so.

Guests want the booking process to be as quick and straightforward as possible. The easier you make it for guests to book your property, the easier it will be for you to achieve maximum occupancy. Whether or not you stay booked, Instant Booking can improve your ranking on Airbnb.

If you are worried about enabling Instant Book, you can set special requirements for guests to meet to book your rental. These can include government-issued ID and positive reviews from other hosts to ensure legitimacy (which significantly boosts your Airbnb optimization).

Leverage Positive Feedback

Quality customer service is essential for maintaining a high occupancy rate. That’s because you’ll get more positive reviews, which will get you more reservations. When you deliver consistent, friendly service and answer any guest questions ahead of time, you can ensure guests enjoy their stay and leave a 5-star review for your listing.

To improve your value as a business owner, be the one to ask for reviews first. In return, your guests will receive a prompt from Airbnb to review you. An automated vacation rental business solution with multiple studies can help you get more positive ratings. For example, iGMS’s vacation rental software lets you receive various ratings during guest checkout and publish them via the system.

Automating certain aspects of your business adds efficiency to your business operations and saves time by focusing on what matters most. These processes also boost Airbnb optimization because search engines index your property as an active listing.

Remodel or Refurbish from Time to Time

Guests always love a new season. To get their attention, freshen up your property for the season. This shows them you're dedicated to maintaining your home in the best condition possible.

Don't do a full-scale reno — just update the decor or change the bedding. Show your guests you understand what they want by changing your pictures to focus on seasonal amenities—for example, a pool during summer or a patio during winter. These small touches will make your home more desirable to guests and boost your occupancy rate.

Boost Airbnb Optimization with Now

In property management, back-end processes are just as important as front-end ones. These hosts’ one-two punch ensures guests don’t just stay once but keep coming back for more and introducing new customers to you. Remember these tips, and your rental income will soar through the roof!

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