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How to Attract Business Travelers to an Airbnb Part 2

Business travelers are increasingly using Airbnb for their lodging needs while on the road. This can be easily credited to the fact that these types of guests are seeking a more personal and unique lodging experience than traditional hotels. Business travelers want to feel at home when they are on the road, and Airbnb offers that homey feeling.

In our last article of this two-part article series, we talked about how to make your Airbnb listing attractive to business travelers. In this article, we'll continue that discussion with some more specific tips.

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1) Offer Different Wellness Options

Business travelers are often on the go and have little time to take care of themselves. Offer different wellness options in your Airbnb listing to make their stay more enjoyable. This can include things like yoga mats and fitness equipment.

Meditation cushions to in-room massages and access to a fitness center or pool can also be incredibly attractive. To top it all off, you can offer some healthy snacks that would be suitable for business travelers.

2) Utilize Added-Value Services

Many added-value services can be offered to business travelers. You can offer laundry services, dry cleaning, and even grocery shopping. Some hosts even offer their guests a welcome package with some snacks and drinks.

It's also important to offer your guests a business center or a place to print documents. If you can offer any of these services, it can really attract them to book your listing and improve their stay at your property.

3) Coordinate to Prevent Delays in Their Day

Business travelers have plenty of things on their minds, and the last thing they need is a stressful trip. You can eliminate some of their stress by coordinating with your guest to ensure they are on time.

Hosts can ask business travelers if they need transportation to their meetings or if they need to rent a car while at your property. If you are able to provide or arrange this service, it will make their stay much easier.

4) Simplify the Payment Process

Another way to make business travelers’ stay easier is by simplifying the payment process. You can ask your guest to pay in advance through the Airbnb platform, and you can send them an invoice for additional expenses after they have checked out.

If your guest is staying for an extended period of time, you can offer them a weekly or monthly rate. This will help them budget for their stay and eliminate some of the stress of paying for their lodging.

5) Request Reviews for Future Business Travelers

After your guest has checked out, you can send them an email requesting a review of your listing. This will help you attract more business travelers and improve your ranking on the Airbnb platform.

Hosts can also ask their guests to recommend your listing to other business travelers. If you provide a great experience, they will be happy to promote your listing to their colleagues and business associates.


Business travelers are looking for an affordable and comfortable place to stay while they are traveling for work. By following the tips in this two-part article series, attract more business travelers to your Airbnb listing and improve your ranking on the Airbnb platform.

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