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Airbnb Tips How to Make Your Property Wheelchair-Accessible

Recently, we have become more sensitive to the needs of the differently-abled members of society. This awareness led to legislation that forces enterprises to become disabled-friendly. If you plan to join Airbnb as a business, you should ensure that your property can accommodate persons with various conditions.

Another reason to adopt these measures is to attract more customers and grow your business. One feasible action is to make your property wheelchair-accessible.

If you are uncertain what to do, do not fret. This piece will enumerate Airbnb host tips to make your property disabled-friendly.

What Is a Wheelchair-Accessible Property?

Wheelchair-accessible properties are those that accommodate wheelchair users. As the name suggests, these properties can accommodate people who use a wheelchair. The accommodations vary depending on the type of disability.

Where a wheelchair-friendly property has features for wheelchair users, and these features can make it easier for persons with mobility issues to get around the area.

Because these people make up a significant part of the population, you should consider making your property much more comfortable for them in your Airbnb business plan. To make your property wheelchair accessible, you should:

1 - Provide Accessible Parking

It’s vital to ensure that the parking space you have is accessible to those with disabilities like mobility issues. You can make it easier for wheelchair users by getting a parking area near your property. You can also get a spot close to public transport to accommodate those who will commute to your place by bus or train.

In addition to making it easier for wheelchair users to get in and out of your accommodation, this move will encourage them to revisit your property, as they will feel that you’re a considerate and thoughtful host. If you fail to provide wheelchair-friendly parking, you will lose out on potential customers.

2 - Provide Accessible Entrance and Doors

An unsuitable entrance and doorway can be a nightmare for wheelchair users, especially if they’re alone. Fortunately, you can make your doors more accessible by adopting the following tips:

  • You can get doors that are automatic. These doors have buttons that guests can use to open. The doors will open automatically with one press of a button.

  • Another option is to get an automated door opener. A door opener is a small device that your guests can use to open your door. This gadget is more convenient than a door button because it has sensors that can detect persons in front of the door, and it will allow access without your guest having to touch anything.

  • If your property has entrances that are difficult to maneuver, you can get a wheelchair ramp. A wheelchair ramp can allow wheelchair users to access your property.

  • Another effective measure is to get a wheelchair lift. With this fixture, you do not have to carry the wheelchair user.


Airbnb is a booming business, and one can definitely earn a significant return on investment by being a host. To ensure comfort for everyone, however, you should ensure that your property is wheelchair-accessible. The tips we enumerated will guide you on how you can do this.

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