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Airbnb Upsells That Your Guests Will Definitely Welcome

Some vacation rental hosts are afraid of looking greedy by selling products to their guests. However, they could miss out on a chance to make more money and improve the guest experience. There are now many ways to do this through Airbnb upsells.

Upselling can be a great way to increase your revenue while providing your guests with the best possible experience. By offering guests additional services or products they may be interested in, you can provide them with value while also increasing your bottom line.

Upselling does not have to be annoying or sleazy, so long as you are providing guests with something that they want or need. It's all about making your guests' experience enjoyable by adding personal touches that they will appreciate. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what would make your holiday more enjoyable.

Here are a few examples of upsells your guests will love:

Luggage Storage

If you have another guest arriving the same day your former guests are leaving, you cannot have early check-ins or late check-outs. This means that your guests will have to pay to store their luggage somewhere, which can be difficult to find and trust, especially in a big city. This can also be a hassle for your guests, as they will have to carry their luggage around until they find a luggage locker.

If you have space in your Airbnb, you can offer to store your guests' luggage for a small fee. This way, they can enjoy their trip without worrying about their belongings.

Pick-Up Transport

The airport terminal can be very overwhelming and chaotic. It can be tough to figure out where to go, who to talk to, and how much everything will cost. This can be very stressful for even the most relaxed guests.

If you offer to pick guests up from the airport, you can make more money, and they will often appreciate the personal touch. You can even sign up as an affiliate with a transportation company. This way, you will get a commission when your guests book a ride through the company's website.

Recreational Equipment

Sports and outdoor equipment can make a holiday more memorable for your guests. Renting equipment directly from you can help ensure that they have the opportunity to participate in activities that they may not be able to experience otherwise. This is a great way to encourage guests to get outside and explore all that your destination has to offer!

Some equipment you can offer include:

  • Kayaks

  • Paddle Boards

  • Tennis Rackets

  • Golf Clubs

To ensure that people rent directly from you, you must keep your rental prices lower than those at local sports clubs or shops. This is a great way to help your guests save money.


Airbnb upsells are a great way to earn additional revenue and improve the guest experience. By offering guests additional services and amenities, you can increase your bottom line while making their stay more enjoyable. Upselling can be a win-win for both hosts and guests, so it is definitely worth considering if you're looking for ways to improve your Airbnb business.

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