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7 Great Airbnb Tips for Hosts to Handle Peak Season

As we enter the year's second half, the peak season for Airbnb rentals is starting to creep in. Hosts are advised to ready their listings, have some fun, and plan ahead to prepare for more guests in the upcoming vacation season. After all, the busy season is prime time to make the majority of your annual income with the service.

However, it's natural to ask what the best ways to handle a large influx of guests and a competitive period on the Airbnb platform. Here are a couple of host-friendly tips to keep in mind:

1) Update Information

It's always a good idea to update your information if you haven't already. Find out if your listing is up to date by viewing the information required to be shown in the property section of the Airbnb website. This includes details such as the physical address, target audience, amenities, and features.

2) Use Automation

Use automation to help you respond to inquiries and reminders to guests. Hosts who offer a messaging service have a higher response rate from guests compared to those that use a traditional email. If you would like to automate your responses, look into the bots, apps, and services that can help you out.

3) Utilize Instant Book

One great way to fill up your calendar during a high-traffic season is to offer Instant Book on your Airbnb listing. This allows guests to book your listing without any upfront contact with you. With this feature, you don't have to worry about being too busy to answer questions, as everything can be sorted out later.

4) Finish Up Renovations

With guests multiplying in your home, it's best to ensure that your property is ready. Make sure that you're ready for the influx of guests by finishing up any renovations and cleaning. After all, if you cannot finish up any outstanding projects, they can be quite a nuisance during peak season and inconvenience visitors.

5) Stock Up on Essentials

All Airbnb hosts should try and order a variety of essentials around for their guests. For example, have enough toilet paper, including paper towels and hand towels. Air fresheners, toilet cleaners, and hygiene products are also important to stock up on and have available for guests.

6) Clean Up the Place

Have you ever traveled to stay in someone's home, and it was unclean? It's almost always a bad experience. If you desire to ensure that your guests are thoroughly satisfied and come back, you should try to keep the house clean. This means taking out the garbage, doing laundry, and ensuring the place is tidy.

7) Coordinate with Guests

During peak season, it's best to coordinate with your guests, so try to keep the conversation through messaging. This will allow both parties to relax and communicate whenever they want or need to. This helps with the check-in and check-out process and can also help with any further additional details.


Hosting during such a busy period on Airbnb is a great way to make some income, whether it's your main venture or a sideline. Use these tips to help you save time and money and make the most out of the service during peak season.

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