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Make Your Airbnb Listing Pet-Friendly With These 5 Tips

As tourism continues to grow and evolve, an increasing number of visitors are eager to book a pet-friendly Airbnb for their visits. Many visitors choose to plan lengthier "staycations" and work trips and must bring their dogs with them. Making your vacation property pet-friendly will attract not just vacationing families but also remote workers and other domestic tourists.

Please continue reading to understand the advantages of providing a pet-friendly Airbnb to visitors and how to customize your property to make it the ideal pet retreat.

With this in mind, it is not only feasible to make your Airbnb pet-friendly, but it is also possible to get many new visitors who are looking for pet-friendly properties.

1. Set Some Firm House Rules

When it comes to developing a short-term vacation rental, standards and restrictions are the norm. This is no exception for a pet-friendly listing. If anything, when pets are involved, these guidelines are more important than before! It is essential to provide nice yet firm pet regulations.

Making it clear about locations that are off-limits or your guests' expectations will make your and their life simpler. Including these additional criteria in your advertisement can guarantee that your house is well-kept. It will also allow guests to experience the protection of their limits.

You might add the following in your rule book:

- Guests are expected to clean up after their dogs.

- Keep dogs on a leash when walking about the area.

- Report any broken or damaged furniture.

- After a particular hour, keep barking to a minimum.

- No pets are permitted in the primary residence.

2. Pet Proof the Area

Preventing your guests from leaving pet hair around, breaking items, or having the occasional accident can be difficult. Be prepared to either buy pet-friendly cleaning products or all-around cleaning products.

If your home is not already pet-proofed and has a lot of unique keepsakes, it may be a good idea to remove or put away any breakable items. You may also want to keep as many areas of your home off-limits to pets as possible.

3. Opt for Pet-Friendly Furniture and Finishes

One great idea for your pet-friendly Airbnb is to opt for furniture and pet-friendly finishes. This way, your rental will be built with your guests in mind.

Choose materials that are more resistant to fur and stains, such as microfiber or canvas, for your indoor and outdoor furnishings. Other safeguards include using slipcovers that may be readily removed and laundered.

4. Provide Guests With Pet-Friendly Amenities

If you want to get that 5-star rating, make sure you have a decent supply of pet-friendly items on hand. Your guests will appreciate the extra work and appreciate not having to bring their entire house with them! Having food containers, snacks, and even pet beds on hand may go a long way.

Our major piece of advice here is to make sure the pet items you purchase are hypoallergenic. The last thing you want to do is upset your guests by making their pets ill!

5. Protect Your Own Pets

Finally, if you decide that a pet-friendly holiday rental is for you, make sure you protect your own pets as well. It can be stressful for them to be around other pets and new people. To show your guests that you care, you should consider taking your pets away for the first few days of your guest's stay. This allows them to have time to adjust and become comfortable getting used to the new environment.


Many guests are looking to book pet-friendly Airbnbs today. By creating your own pet-friendly space, you can cater to a larger audience and gain unimaginable exposure to new people and new experiences.

Running an accommodation rental space means that safety is essential! However, with these tips on hand, you are sure to be prepared for whatever may come.

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