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What Airbnb Hosts Should Have in Their Pre-Launch Checklist

Every Airbnb host should strive to give their guests an unforgettable, stress-free experience that helps them stand out from all the other hosts. Aside from hospitality, the ease in booking, and the beauty of the location, one of the most basic steps to provide that experience is by leaving a few goodies behind for them to use.

Preparing a checklist of all the essentials and inclusions before you finally launch will help you keep track of things and make the first experiences for your guest a total dream. Keep reading to find out what exactly you should include in your pre-launch checklist!

Clean Spaces

Albeit not as tangible as all the other things on this list, making sure your house or apartment is thoroughly cleaned is a must. The pandemic has turned everyone’s attention to hygiene, too, so nothing regarding tidiness and sanitation should be done half-heartedly.

Move to declutter, remove the trash, disinfect the surfaces. Hiring a cleaning professional may also be the way to go, just to ensure that you always leave a good impression on the guests staying at your Airbnb.

Security Devices

The safety of your guests should also be a top priority. Direct them to the smoke alarms and CO2 detectors in your home that will warn and alarm them in case of an emergency. Also, seek to prepare and provide a first-aid kit, just in case any person injures themselves while at your Airbnb.

Proper Amenities

It’s pretty standard to prepare toiletries such as bath towels, napkins, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, and more. However, you don’t have to stop the amenities at that. Having an extension cord, chargers, and adapters will be a huge help to any guests that might have forgotten theirs.

Decking your Airbnb with multiple appliances can also be key to giving your guest a good experience. Inclusions like a hairdryer, refrigerator, and ironing board can make all the difference to that guest who’s having a busy afternoon ahead of them.

Leisure Items

Alternatively, most people who book an Airbnb are just looking to relax. Giving them the tools to do so can do wonders and make them feel like your home is just a paradise. Have Netflix and a Smart TV at the ready for people who want to binge-watch something while at your place. Prepare a selection of books and magazines for the quieter individuals, too.

Drink and Dine Essentials

Prepare basic cooking utensils just in case they want to prepare their own food. Even if they’re ordering food and getting it delivered, plates, utensils, and some glassware will be very well-received. Having a mini coffee and tea station is also an excellent route to take.

Welcome Gift

At the end of the day, the very essence of having a pre-launch checklist is trying to provide the best experience possible for your guests. Receiving a nice welcome gift like chocolates or wine upon arrival would be a good way for them to kick off their stay. Don’t forget to leave them a card to thank them for their booking and hope that they enjoy their stay.

Party Protection

It’s important to take all necessary measures to ensure that your property is “Party-Protected”. The best practice here is to install a noise monitoring system. That way, you can tell guests that after a certain time, if the noise surpasses a certain threshold, security will be dispatched to the property. You’ll have an app that notifies you of any breaches and can message the guests accordingly. Minut is a great company that provides these devices.


The items you leave should span from being very practical to caring; try to think of what you want to see prepared for you when you’re in a hotel room. And, remember that catering to your guests and providing them with their needs without you asking can impress them and help you score a second visit!

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