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Airbnb Hosting Tips That Will Surely Get You More Bookings

Your Airbnb business does not stop at listing your property. You will be dealing with your guests; hence, you will have to be on your toes all the time. To get more bookings and increase the number of return customers, you will have to take a lot of things into consideration. Establishing a good relationship with your guests is one thing you should not forget about. Here are some valuable tips for you to generate more bookings and retain your return customers:

Make Your Listing Description as Informative as Possible

You will have to come up with an alluring description of your Airbnb. The more detailed you are in describing the features of your unit, the better the opportunity you will have at getting bookings. It is important that you highlight the must-have features of your place, such as a swimming pool, in-house spa, or Wi-Fi access.

Be Honest in Your Posting

Honesty is always the best policy. You should not be afraid to tell the truth about your Airbnb. No matter how bad you think it will be, you should never hide any facts about your Airbnb. It is certainly not good to cover up the truth. This can only do more damage than good. You should let your potential guests know the pros and cons of your place.

Ask Questions That Will Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

To get more bookings, you will have to ask your guests questions and engage them in a conversation. You can start by asking the guests how they found your place and how they feel about it. Make them feel comfortable and at home. This will surely get you more bookings.

Provide the Best Accommodation to Your Guests

Your guests will remember their stay at your place for a long time and will surely recommend it to their friends. This will increase your bookings, especially if your guests are satisfied with their stay at your place. To provide the best experience to your guests, you must ensure that your residence is clean and well-maintained.

Build a Good Hosting Experience

The experience that your guests will have with you will surely decide if they will stay in your place again in the future. To build an excellent hosting experience, you will have to take care of your property and fix the things that are broken. You should make sure that you are always responsive in dealing with your guests.

Make It a Habit to Leave a Rating for Your Guests

You can ask your guests to leave a review and rating for your Airbnb when they check out. This will make them feel obliged to do it. At the same time, leaving a review and rating for your guests is your way of showing appreciation for staying at your place. You can ask everyone who stayed at your Airbnb for feedback. This way, you will be able to improve your Airbnb property.


There is no denying that the success of your Airbnb business depends on how you deal with your guests. You will have to have a good host-guest relationship to get bookings and retain your return customers. The tips that we have discussed above will surely help you come up with more bookings.

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