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The Importance of Airbnb Checkout Instructions Part 2

Airbnb has become quite a popular vacation rental platform in recent years. And one of the main reasons for its success is the ease with which travelers can find and book vacation rental properties. However, one thing that can often be overlooked when booking an Airbnb is the importance of reading and following the checkout instructions that are provided by the host.

While most hosts are happy to provide basic checkout instructions, some go the extra mile and provide detailed instructions that can make the checkout process much smoother. In the previous article, we discussed why, how, when, and where to send checkout directions.

Now, let’s dive into what should actually be included in Airbnb checkout instructions. Keep reading to learn more.

1) Checkout Date

The first thing that should be included in checkout instructions is the checkout date. This may seem like more of a no-brainer, but it is important to be clear about what day guests are expected to check out from your Airbnb rental.

2) Checkout Time

In addition to the checkout date, it's also important to include the time that guests are expected to check out. Checkout times can vary depending on the property and the host, so it is important to clarify what time guests need to be out of the rental.

3) Cleaning Instructions

Cleaning instructions should be included in checkout instructions so that guests know what is expected of them in terms of leaving the rental clean. This may include specific instructions such as taking out the trash and making sure all dishes are clean.

4) Power Switch Directions

If there are any special directions for turning off lights or power when guests check out, these should be included in the checkout instructions. This is especially important if there are any specific appliances, special switches, or controls that guests need to know about.

5) Reminders for Forgotten items

It can be quite a hassle when guests leave their belongings when checking out, so it is helpful to remind them not to forget any items. This could include items such as towels, toiletries, personal devices, or even your welcome gift to them in the Airbnb.

6) Steps for Locking Up

There should be specific instructions for locking up the property when guests check out. This could include locking all doors and windows, setting the alarm if there is one, and turning off all lights to save up on electricity.

7) Review Request

As you're sending checkout instructions on Airbnb, it is a nice move to send them a review request. This helps you get more reviews for your listing, and it also helps you get feedback from guests so that you can improve your listing for future bookings.

8) Contact Details

Hosts should also include your contact details in case the guests have any questions or encounter any issues. Try to include your name, your email address, and your phone number to make it as easy as possible for guests to get in touch with you.


It is very important to have clear and concise checkout instructions when using Airbnb as a host. Be sure to include the information listed above. Having comprehensive details in your direction will help ensure that the guest has a hassle-free experience.

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