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Elements That Should Be In Your Airbnb Checkout Instructions

Guests should be aware of what time they need to check out of the Airbnb and any additional chores (such as taking out the trash) that may not be included in the cleaning fee. It's also important to remind guests of key handoff instructions so there are no surprises on either end. Here are other vital reminders to include in your Airbnb checkout instructions. Read on.

Checkout Time

Make sure your guests are aware of the checkout time and why it is essential to leave on time. This will give your housekeeper enough time to clean before the next guests arrive.

If you want to set a late checkout fee, you can do so in your Airbnb House Rules. You can also mention the late checkout fee in the checkout instructions. This may help to ensure that your checkout time is respected.


In your Airbnb checkout rules, remind guests to turn off all lights in every room and other electronic devices. This would include devices such as the TV. On the other hand, there might be devices that you would want to remind guests to plug in and recharge.

Asking guests to adjust the thermostat to a specific temperature can also help save on energy costs. This temperature will vary depending on the season and location. It is important to make sure guests know where the thermostat is located.

Doors and Windows

As a homeowner, it’s essential to take steps to protect your home while you’re away. An easy way to do this is to tell guests to close and lock all windows and doors before leaving. This may seem like common sense, but it’s easy for many to forget, so be sure to remind them!

You should also point out any windows or doors that may be easy to overlook, such as those in lofts or on patios. By taking these simple precautions, you can help keep your home safe and secure.


In general, asking your guests to take care of their own linens when they are staying with you is polite. This includes ensuring that they put their dirty towels in the hamper and strip the bed of all sheets and blankets before they leave.

If you have a cleaning fee, this helps offset the cost of washing the linens after each guest. If you do not have a cleaning fee, it is still considerate to ask guests to take care of their linens so that you do not have to wash them.

Food Disposal

It is always a bummer to open the fridge and find old, moldy food that previous guests left behind. To avoid this, please ask your guests to get rid of any food they brought with them before they go.


Make sure your guests know what to do with the keys when they arrive and depart. Wherever you leave the keys, do not leave your guests guessing.


It is important to set expectations for your guests before they arrive. Doing so can avoid many unnecessary headaches and ensure they have the best possible experience while being responsible for your property.

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