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Here Are 5 Effective Airbnb Advertising Tips for Pet Owners 

In the current economic climate, pet owners prefer to bring their furry family members on vacation because they are considered family members. They seek out pet-friendly accommodations so that their pets can share the experience with the rest of the family.

One of the most significant increasing trends in the post-pandemic landscape is pet-friendly short-term rentals. Due to the pet overpopulation epidemic, guests seek out listings that enable them to bring their pets and feature outside places. This is why having a pet-friendly Airbnb could enhance your occupancy rate and revenue as it enhances your compatibility with different clients

Here are five effective advertising tips for marketing your home to pet owners:

1. Write a Compelling Listing

Write a compelling listing to capture the audience looking for a place where pets are allowed. Offer a place where they can bring their furry family members along. Include pet-friendly amenities like a fenced yard, pet waste bags, and a dog bed.

You can list your home as "family and pet friendly" in the title, description, and tags.

2. Update Your Rental Description

Include the pet-friendly feature in your rental description. Have a welcoming photo of your pet-friendly home. A dog owner is seeking a place where they can leave their dog for the day and not worry about them.

3. Create a Facebook and Instagram Account

Create a Facebook and Instagram account for your pet-friendly home. Follow and like other Facebook users and Instagram account owners. Your friends, family, and followers on social media might enjoy checking out your pet-friendly home and the excellent photographs of your home.

This is a way to find your target audience. You can ask your followers on social media to share their travel photos and tips about pet-friendly travel destinations.

4. Update Your House Rules

Create pet-friendly house rules and post them on your listing. Your guests will read these house rules, and it would provide a sense of relief for them if you are accommodating their pets.

It would be best if you considered the following when creating house rules:

Number of Pets Allowed

Consider the number of pets allowed in your home. Some pet owners will have multiple pets, and they will have to schedule if they are only allowed to bring one or two pets.

Review Pet Requirements

A pet-friendly home will have a pet deposit and pet fee. Read over your pet policies, and if you have a pet deposit, you should include pet insurance.

Pet Owner Responsibilities

Your pet-friendly homeowner should be responsible for cleaning up after their pet, notifying the guest if their pet misbehaves, and taking care of its needs.

Pets in Common Spaces

If you allow pets in common areas, consider your other guests who do not want to be around pets.

5. Make the Most of Pet-Friendly Websites

Create a profile on pet-friendly websites like Dog Vacay and Rover. Connect with other pet-friendly homeowners and pet-sitters. On dog-vacay, you can post your pet-friendly home as a host.

These pet-friendly sites enable you to advertise your pet-friendly home.


If you plan to host a pet-friendly home on Airbnb, you should consider the time commitment, cleaning, and other factors before making a decision.

Read over your pet-friendly house rules and other pet policies. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your guest's pets even if they have left the property. When done well, your Airbnb guests will appreciate your transparency and accommodation.

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