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A Guide to Attain and Use the Airbnb Superhost Status Part 1

Becoming an Airbnb host can be quite a fulfilling endeavor, as you can introduce a great experience to your guests and gain revenue from it. The more you learn and learn, the better and better you will become at hosting. And when you work hard enough, you might even find yourself earning the Superhost status on the platform.

It's important to recognize that Airbnb Superhosts are far more in demand than non-Superhosts, which is why it's best to aim for such recognition on the website. If you're somewhat curious as to how you can obtain that desirable title, continue reading this first of a two-part article regarding how to attain and use that Airbnb Superhost status.

Know What a Superhost Is

The Airbnb Superhost status is awarded to users with an exceptionally high number of positive reviews on the site. They're essentially seen as the best of the best on the site in terms of the experience that they can give guests. If you want to learn how to be a better host to reach such a caliber, it'd be good to seek out training and workshops on being an Airbnb host.

Get Plenty of Reviews

The number and quality of reviews on an Airbnb listing is one of the main factors that the website looks at in determining if you are a Superhost or not. Ensure that everything is in place, from your cleanliness to the services that you offer. You can also look into the tips and tricks for getting more guests on Airbnb to further your success on the platform.

Improve the Overall Rating

It's also important to aim for a high overall rating on your Airbnb listing. Many factors come into play here, such as your responsiveness, the quality of your hosting services, and the value that you offer to your guests. Airbnb Superhosts typically have a rating of 4.8 or more on the website, so try to strive for that score as well.

Lower the Cancellation Rate

The lower your cancellation rate, the better your chances of securing the Superhost status. The main reason behind this is that Airbnb doesn't like the idea of hosts collecting money and then not living up to their responsibilities. Avoid canceling a guest's stay, both for your personal sake and theirs.

Work on the Response Rate

It's also recommended to continue learning about the Airbnb platform and try to improve your response time for inquiries and bookings. It's recommended to try to respond to inquiries within 12 hours and confirm bookings within 24 hours. Getting a response rate around and over 90% can make becoming a Superhost more plausible.

Get Through the Assessment Period

The Airbnb Superhost assessment period occurs every three months. Airbnb will run through their criteria and see whether hosts fit the bill in receiving that status. If you can get through this assessment period and successfully attain the Superhost status, you might just be onto something good and fruitful for this venture.


Work on becoming a more responsive host and providing stellar hosting services to be well on your way to obtaining the Superhost title. Stay tuned for part two to understand how you can use being an Airbnb Superhost to your advantage.

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