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6 Ways To Make Additional Income From Your Airbnb Listing

I am sure you would agree that airbnb is a great way for homeowners to earn additional income, but airbnb hosts can also gain from offering other products and services in addition to room rental on their airbnb listings. If you're struggling with maximizing your airbnb earnings or if you just want more ideas on making money with airbnb, here are some ways not offered by airbnb which you may want to consider:

1. Breakfast Services

As an airbnb host, you've probably seen breakfast service being offered by some airbnb hosts already. I know one airbnber friend who actually charges significantly higher per night than what she charges without breakfast included. Breakfast is a great way to attract more airbnb guests and maximize the airbnb income you can earn from your listing.

2. Bike Rental Service

Another airbnb host's favorite airbnb service option is bike rental . Many airbnb hosts already provide airport pick up, but some also offer drop-off at the nearest train station or even Bangkok's downtown area for commuting around town with ease.

3. Neighboring Attractions Tours

If you're located in an interesting place that tourists will love, why not earn by offering them tours of nearby attractions? You could consider linking up with another local airbnber who offers this type of tour already and promote each other! Don't forget to establish yourself as an expert (or at least someone with an airbnb listing!) in your own airbnb neighborhood and market yourself as the airbnb host who knows what's best.

4. Activity Guides

Many airbnbs are located near interesting places or attractions where air bnb guests can go to visit. If you manage to become a trustworthy, reliable airbnb host in such a location (not just any airbnb!), you may want to consider offering activity guides . If you do this well, it'll definitely help build trust between you and your airbnb guests. They will be glad they had someone familiar and knowledgeable guiding them around!

5. Cultural Immersion Activities

If you're hosting airbnbs in a country which offers unique culture, don't forget that airbnbers can earn by offering air bnb guests cultural immersion activities . There are airbnb hosts who charge for cooking class and even airbnb vocal lessons!

6. Other Services

Some airbnbs offer transportation services such as airport transfers or even driving service. If you're comfortable with the idea of driving, this could be a great way to get additional airbnb earnings while also being your airbnb guests' local guide in traffic rules and knowledge on where to go around town.

These are just some ideas that airbnbers can consider if they want to maximize their airbnb income or make more money from their airbnb listing. You definitely don't need to stick only with room rental and having breakfast included as there are so many other ways airbnb hosts can earn.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on airbnb and how airbnb hosts can make more money from their airbnb listing through offering additional services beyond just airbnb room rental. If you would like to learn more about how to earn more from your airbnb listing, you can click here to attend our next free training event.

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